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The last scholarship recipient of a Kiwanianne’s scholarship was Brittany Walsh


Brittany Walsh recently attended and spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis weekly dinner/meeting at The Kitchen on The Square in ScottsburgPictured with Brittany is Millie Cooper.  Millie is a former Kiwanianne.  The Kiwaniannes were a women’s auxiliary of the Kiwanis for years until the 1980’s when women could join the Kiwanis.  At that time the Kiwaniannes were disbanded.  However, the Scottsburg Kiwaniannes were such an active, involved group serving the kids in Scott County that they continued to meet till just a few years ago.  The Kiwaniannes used to give out scholarships to students each yearThe last scholarship recipient of a Kiwanianne’s scholarship was Brittany Walsh Brittany attended Ball State University and received a Kiwanianne scholarship in 2013She graduated this spring and has earned a teaching certificate.  Brittany will begin teaching sixth grade near Muncie, IN this fall.  She felt so strongly about the support she received from the Kiwaniannes that she wanted to come back and personally thank them for the scholarship and bring them up to date on her studies and achievements since receiving the scholarship.  The members of the club were touched by Brittany’s presentation and shared in her pride in her accomplishments.  The Kiwanis wished her the best as she begins her teaching career.  Brittany’s sister, Abby, now attends Ball State University.  Abby was a four year member of the SHS Key Club where she served as its president and served at the Indiana District level as the Bulletin Editor where she earned special Governors recognition Abby is now a member of the Circle K Club at Ball State University.  Her youngest sister, Lily, is a member of the SMS Builders Club and will be the Vice President this year.


Jill Baker, Superintendent of the Scott County Highway Department


Jill Baker, Superintendent of the Scott County Highway Dept recently spoke at the Kiwanis weekly dinner meeting at The Kitchen on The Square in Scottsburg.  Pictured are Jill Baker and Kiwanian Nick South.  Jill has been with the highway dept since 2000.  She talked about the efforts to improve the roads in Scott County through the Community Crossing Grants.  Typically during an aaverage year, Scott County is able to pave about three miles of road.  This equates to one mile in each district in the county per year.  With the Community Crossing Grant and matching funds from the Council, $2 million, they were able to pave 34 miles in Scott County last year.  Scott County applied for this grant again this year and the money should be awarded by 31 August.  If the application is approved for the full amount requested, the county will have $2 million to pave roads again this year.  Money awarded through this grant can be used for work on bridges, paving and sidewalks.  Scott County has used the money to pave.  The new gas tax, which went into effect 1 Jul, will provide funds to help with roadwork.  Fifty percent of the money provided to the county through this tax has to be used on roadways.  The money they receive can be used for signs, paving, rock and culverts.  It cannot be used for salaries.  It costs approximately $62K to pave a mile of road.  Several bridges in Scott County need repair.  The County Highway Dept recently finished working on the bridge on Plymouth Road.  Some of the stones from the old bridge were donated to Lexington Park.  The county tries to work on as many roads as they can each year.  The roads selected are based on a grading system.  The roads that score the worse are repaired first.  The highway dept has two pavers.  Jill explained there are city, county and state roads in Scott County.  The County Highway Dept only works on county roads.  The Kiwanis thanked Jill for her presentation and for the great work the highway dept does for the residents of Scott County.


Scott County Overdose Awareness Day Event


August 11, 2017

For more information: Lori Croasdell

Phone: (812) 820-0620

Email: lcroasdell@me.com

For Immediate Release

Scott County Overdose Awareness Day Event: Addiction Education for Families and the Community

(Scott County, IN)  Scott County is beginning to embrace recovery and transformation. Our community continues to learn and grow from the challenges of the past. One way we can reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery is to educate ourselves.

On Saturday, August 26, starting at 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., all Scott County citizens, families, and friends will have the opportunity to learn about “what is addiction, what are treatment options from 12-step to Medically Assisted Treatment, naloxone education and administration training”. There will be a free lunch grilled by Scott County first responders and opportunities to interact with them.

Everyone is invited to attend this FREE community-wide event to come together in honor of “International Overdose Awareness Day” at the Jayce Ray Stallings Youth Center, 1054 Clay St., Austin, Indiana.

Last year more people died in the U.S. from drug overdose death than in all the deaths in the Vietnam War. The approximately 142 U.S. deaths each day from drug overdoses is “equal to September 11 every three weeks.” Bringing awareness and understanding to all citizens is vital to addressing this epidemic.

The CEASe Coalition has partnered with Overdose Lifeline in putting on this FREE Community Event which is made possible by a generous grant from the Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Foundation.

*Like* CEASe of Scott County on Facebook and text your email address to 812-820-0620 to be added to the “Scott County Happenings” e-newsletter list-serve that comes out every Friday. Also visit the CEASe of Scott County website with more information on addiction, treatment, and the coalition: www.sccease.org.

If you plan to attend the event, please RSVP to lcroasdell@me.com or text 812-820-0620 by August 24.


Get Healthy Scott County


Wednesday, September 6, from 1 – 4 pm

Turning Point Church

899 W. McClain Avenue

Scottsburg, IN

Offering a platform for Scott County residents and friends to come together
to meet the unique needs of our community. Please RSVP
to jene.bridgewater@scottcountypartnership.org or text 812-820-0620 by September 3

Together Scott County will be a community of abundant life