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John McNeely, Director of the Scott County Fair Board


John McNeely, Director of the Scott County Fair Board recently spoke at the weekly Scottsburg Kiwanis Club meeting at The Kitchen on the SquarePictured are Kiwanian Don Cooper and John McNeely.  John spoke about improvements and plans to do some renovations at the Scott County Fairgrounds.  He also spoke about upcoming events at the fairgrounds.


Michelle Shelton, Scott County’s Tobacco Prevention Cessation Coordinator


Scott County Tobacco Prevention Cessation Coalition Gears Up for 2017
SCOTT COUNTY, IN -The Scott County Tobacco Prevention Cessation Coalition’s vision is to significantly improve the health of Scott County citizens and reduce the disease and economic burden that tobacco use places on our citizens and our county.
The coalition’s mission is to prevent and reduce the use of tobacco products in Scott County and to protect citizens from exposure to tobacco smoke. 
The coalition has made significant strides and is proud of some great accomplishments in 2016, including collaborating with CEASe and the Scott County Fair Board to bring about a completely tobacco and vape free Scott County Fair. 
Scott County’s Tobacco Prevention Cessation Coordinator, Michelle Shelton, has educated Austin Elementary and Scottsburg Middle School students on cigarettes, e-cigarettes, other tobacco products, and secondhand smoke. 
She continues promoting and educating the community about the Indiana Tobacco Quitline (1-800-Quit-Now), in addition to encouraging the county’s healthcare providers and employers to promote the Quitline among their patients and employees. 
The coalition’s 2017 goals include embedding tobacco use screening and treatment or referral fields into Electronic Health Records (EHR) as a way to document tobacco intervention. When EHRs are implemented in a way that explicitly incorporates tobacco dependence treatment as part of a broader process of health systems change, they can generate reminders, prompting Scott County’s healthcare providers to screen their patients for and intervene on tobacco use.
Shelton is also excited to bring Cathy Bloom, Manager of Tobacco Control for the American Lung Association of Indiana, to speak to the Get Healthy Scott County Coalition on second and third hand smoke in our multi-unit housing facilities. The public is welcome to attend this meeting on Thursday, January 12, from 12 to 1 pm, at the Lifelong Learning Center, 1092 W. Community Way in Scottsburg. 
Lastly, Coordinator Shelton will be meeting with Scott County’s healthcare providers to encourage their participation as Preferred Providers with the Indiana Tobacco Quitline, a FREE coaching service to anyone desiring to discontinue tobacco use. She will also continue promoting the Quitline among Scott County businesses who can also promote and make referrals to the Quitline among their work forces. 
Lori Croasdell 
(812) 820-0620  
Coordinator, CEASe of Scott County
Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, Scott County Partnership

Don Cooper is the Kiwanian of the Year for 2015-16


The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club recognized Don Cooper as the Kiwanian of the Year for 2015-16 at the annual dinner at the Hickory Creek Nursing HomeHickory Creek is a corporate member of the Kiwanis Club and has hosted this special fall dinner for a decadePictured is Kiwanis President David Wison presenting the Kiwanian of the Year Award to Don Cooper.  Don joined the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club on March 17, 1977.  Six months from now he will celebrate 40 years with Kiwanis.  Don has served in many capacities over the years, including serving as Lieutenant Governor of the Scenic Hills Division of Kiwanis.  Don arranges the speakers for the Weekly Meetings of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club.  Elected officials, including Mayor Graham, business leaders, leaders of not-for-profit organizations and interesting Scott County residents have all spoken at our meetings.  The diversity and quality of our speakers is outstanding.  Don, thank you for arranging our speakers.  Don takes the photos at the Kiwanis Weekly Meetings, the BUG parties and at many Kiwanis events.  These photos create a record of what the members of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club have done and inform the public of what the members of Kiwanis are doing.  Don has been the organizer of the Taco Wagon at the Scott County Fair for many years.  Each year the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club sells Tacos in a Bag, along with soft drinks, in what has become a tradition of the Scott County Fair.  Don, with considerable help from Millie, purchases the food, cooks the ground beef and sets up the Taco Wagon.  The money raised from the Taco Wagon helps support the many activities of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club.  Don has been instrumental in organizing the Kiwanis pancake breakfasts that are held at the Scottsburg United Methodist Church.  This is another fund raiser for the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club.  We also invite community organizations which support our youth to sell tickets to the pancake breakfasts, and those organizations keep 100% of the money they raise from ticket sales.  When it is time to set up the Kiwanis tent, and again when we take it down, Don is often there to help.  Congratulations to Don Cooper, the 2015-16 Kiwanian of the Year!


Recovery Is Beautiful


“Recovery is Beautiful” Wall.

CEASe and Get Healthy Scott County will be setting up the “Recovery is Beautiful” Wall display very soon. This will be displayed in May and June in the Scott Memorial Hospital Lobby, in July at the Scott County Fair at the CEASe Booth, August through October hopefully at the Scott County Courthouse, in November through January at the One Stop Shop in Austin, and then February through April at Hope to Others Church in Austin. If you know of someone in recovery who would be willing to email me their photo and a 300 word paragraph sharing their story, please have them do so at lcroasdell@me.comno later than Monday, May 9. Thanks!

Questions, call Lori at 812-820-0620 or email lcroasdell@me.com.

Shelly Pfaffenbach, Scott County 4-H Coordinator


Shelly Pfaffenbach, Scott County 4-H Coordinator, recently spoke at the Kiwanis dinner meeting at the Quality Inn in Scottsburg Shelly works at the Scott County Purdue Extension Office at the Courthouse in Scottsburg as a Program AssistantPictured are from left to right, Maryrose McWhirter, Shelly Pfaffenbach and Darryl Smith.  Shelly’s primary job is to promote 4H in all the schools and provide School Enrichment Programs.  There are about 250 kids in 4H with an additional 800 involved in the School Enrichment Programs.  There are numerous 4H projects for the students to get involved including photography, jewelry making, livestock showmanship and many others).  Some of the Enrichment Programs include the Food To Mouth program, Recycling, Good Apples (2nd graders learning respect for others), Captain Cash (3rd graders learning about saving, spending and borrowing), Farm Charm (4th graders agriculture related programs), and Market (5th graders learning about supply and demand).  These programs just started in the schools about two years ago and are really growing.  They run a Girls Empowerment Program (GEM) geared to middle school aged girls targeting at risk girls focused on communicating, personalities, strengths, bullying, consequences and healthy body image.  They focus on “Be Confident, Be Different, Be Yourself”.  The biggest and most well known 4H programs are those associated with animals at the County Fair.  The 4H raise money for all their programs.  The Fair Board provides the facilities and the 4H is responsible for the pens, ribbons, awards, etc.  They really depend on volunteers and donations from the community.  The Kiwanis members expressed their appreciation for all the 4H programs provide for our kids and especially the number of kids they impact in our community.