Abby Walsh Receives Indiana District Key Club Governor’ Special Award

Abby Walsh Receives Indiana District Key Club Governor's Special Award
Abby Walsh, a junior at Scottsburg High School and charter member of the Scottsburg High School Key Club was recently honored at the 62nd Annual Indiana District Key Club Convention.
Abby joined the Key Club in 2011 and served as it’s president in 2012-13.  This past year she served on the Indiana District Board as Bulletin Editor.  Abby is an active member in the Kiwanis Family having attended the Key Leader Camp to develop her leadership skills focused on community service.  Abby was awarded the Indiana Disttrict Key Club Governor’s Special Award in a ceremony to honor her work immaculate work as the District’s 2013-14 Bulletin Editor.
This award is not an annual tradition, but it is installed when a student recognizes and fulfills his or her full potential as a leader.  The award also defines the recipient as the most valuable Key Club member during the year.  Immediate Past Governor, Sally Finkel, chose Abby as her special award winner because “Abby is a friend, sister and someone who I am so thankful came into my life and served on teh district board.  Without Abby, the majority of this year wouldn’t have happened.  She created graphics on a moment’s notice, brought our mascot to life, and created the Indiana District magazine successfully for the first time in the district’s history. Abby is so loyal to her home club, and her values always have represented the members perspective, which was so needed and valuable on this board.  It has been amazing to watch her grow as an individual this year.”  The award was presented to Abby at the Key Club District Convention, a leadership and education summit for all Key Club members in the state.
Abby will continue her Key Club journey as she enters her senior year, and as Governor Finkel put it, “I am unbelievably confident that where ever she may go, she will continue to surprise the world with her impeccable leadership.”


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