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Key Club officers from Scottsburg and Austin High Schools met for new officer training at The Kitchen on the Square in Scottsburg (June 2017).  Lt Gov Jesse Mays from SHS conducted the training.  The officers also discussed some initial planning and goal setting for the upcoming year.


Austin Indiana High School Key Club:



Scottsburg Indiana High School Key Club:


The Scottsburg High School Key Club conducted a ceremony at the high school to induct thirteen new members.  President Rachel Pelfrey and her officers, Vice President Isabella Staser, Secretary Justice Gabbard and Treasurer Haley Bryant conducted the ceremony.  New members inducted were Heaven Beswick, Emily Butler, Alexis Campbell, Baylee Comer, Charles Fairbanks, Weslee Goodin, Hailey Mead, Alyssa Pfister, Olivia Reul, Marcos Valencia, Olivia Watson, James Wuerzberger and Kevin Zhang.  The Faculty Advisor is Mrs Angela Bray and the Kiwanis Advisor is Al Riggle.  The first Key Club was founded 92 years ago in California.  The SHS Key Club was chartered six years ago.  it’s an international student led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership.  Key Club is part of the Kiwanis family of clubs providing service to Scott County.  All students in good standing at Scottsburg High School are eligible to join.

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Please see this flyer for information about the fall rally. We are turning this into an officer training as well so please make sure that you let your officers know that this is mandatory. Also, we are doing a service project. Please encourage club members to bring an item from the list below: 
  • Service project
    • Riley comfort cart
      • Each division brings something
      • Buffalo Trace
        • Chapstick
        • Deodorant
        • Shaving cream
      • Collegiate
        • Crossword puzzles
        • Word searches
        • Mints
      • Heartland
        • Gum
        • Toothbrushes
        • Razors
      • Hoosier
        • Toothpaste
        • Mouthwash
        • Toilet paper
      • Scenic Hills
        • Q tips
        • Ponytails
        • Loofas/ soap
Thank you for all that you do! 
– Jesse Mays


The Key Club is for high school/secondary school students.  It’s the world’s oldest and largest service program for students ages 15-18.  The Key Club is designed to develop leadership through community service.  The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club has sponsored a Key Club at Scottsburg High school since 2011.  It’s a student led organization with its own officers.  They conduct their own meetings and determine which service projects they want to participate.  They support Kiwanis Club service projects and fundraisers.

The Kiwanis Club provides Co-Advisers (Al Riggle and Terry Davis) and the school provides a Faculty Advisor (Angela Bray).

Key Club Officers:

President              Joni Crawford

Vice President      Rachel Pelfrey

Secretary               Jessica Backus

Treasurer               Brittany Stidham

Bulletin Editor       Justice Gabbard

Meetings:  The Key Club meets every Wednesday at 3:15 PM in Mrs Bray’ Classroom.  Any student interested in developing leadership skills and serving the community is welcome.


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