Scottsburg Elementary School Bug Program

The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club recognized 57 students at Scottsburg Elementary School the final grading period of the year for bringing up their grades.  These students made the BUG Honor Roll by improving at least one grade in at least one subject and not going down in any subjects.  BUG stands for Bringing Up Grades and is a Kiwanis signature program under its Service Leadership Programs.  This was the first year the Kiwanis and Scottsburg ES have partnered in the BUG Program. Each grading period the Kiwanis members provide a party for the students who make the BUG Honor Roll.  They receive treats, prizes, a BUG T-Shirt the first time they make the BUG Honor Roll, a certificate and their picture is posted in the classroom or in the hallway on the BUG Honor Roll.  Lexington and Johnson Elementary Schools are also partners in the program with Austin ES starting in the fall.  The BUG Program would not be possible without the support of Morgan Foods, Hickory Creek, Millie Cooper, Sonja Mastin, Betty Clark and all the Kiwanis volunteers on the BUG Teams.


Pictured are BUG Honor Roll students from Mrs Bagwell’s class.  From left to right in the back row:  Connell Robbins, Kaden Raichel, Hannah Stutsman, Brooklyn Lyell and Max Armstrong.  Middle Row:  Dominic Akers, Alexis Saylor, Dominic Vernon, Ariel Hunter, Chloe Scott and Linzey White.  Front Row:  Will Murphree, Claire Routt, Payton Christie, Nathaniel Rowland, Jesse Ray and Katie Clay.  Congratulations to these students for bringing up their grades.


Scottsburg Elementary School Bug Party

Sixty students were recognized for making the BUG Honor Roll.

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Lexington Bug Party

Sixteen students were recognized for making the BUG Honor Roll.

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Johnson Elementary School Bug Party

Nineteen students were recognized for making the BUG Honor Roll.

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