BUG is an academic incentive program for third graders sponsored by the Kiwanis in partnership with elementary schools.  The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club partners with Lexington, Johnson, Scottsburg Elementary Schools, began a partnership with Austin Elementary School in September 2014 and Vienna-Finley Elementary School will begin in Sep 2015..  The BUG Program has been active at Lexington ES since 2011, at Johnson ES since 2012 and at Scottsburg ES since 2013.  BUG helps provide incentives for students to bring their grades up each grading period.

Here’s how it works:  If a student improves at least one grade in at least one subject and doesn’t go down in any subject that grading period, the Kiwanis BUG Team comes in and rewards those students who make the BUG Honor Roll by throwing a party for them. The students receive refreshments (cookies, cupcakes, pizza or ice cream) a certificate identifying what they improved in signed by the teacher and principal, a BUG T-Shirt the first time they make the BUG Honor Roll, their picture on the BUG Honor Roll in the school and a group picture in the paper.

BUG depends on its sponsors, Morgan Foods, Youth Grantmaking Council, Hickory Creek Nursing Home, Hampton Oaks, The Coffee House, Ponderosa,Subway, Scott County State Bank, Scott Villa and CVS.

Bug Partners:

Lexington Elementary School:

Sherry Hale

Cheri Shuler

Johnson Elementary School:

Robin Meadows

Katie Rose

Scottsburg Elementary School:

Anna Reynolds

Kathy Miner

Amanda Bagwell

Austin Elementary School:

Amy Coomer

Louise Stauper

Rachal Brock

Sherry Fugate

Mary Anderson


The Bug Party for The Bug Honor Roll:

The Kiwanis Club in partnership with Scottsburg Elementary School hosted a BUG Party for the students who made the BUG Honor Roll for the first grading period.  Students who made the BUG Honor Roll received a BUG T-Shirt, certificate, prizes, and refreshments as an incentive to improve their grades.  Kiwanis members, Bunny South, Nick South, Brandon Polley, Chris Wakeman, Don Cooper, Millie Cooper and Al Riggle celebrated with the students.  Forty-nine students at Scottsburg ES were recognized for making the BUG Honor Roll.  The Kiwanis recognized 124 students at the four participating elementary schools (Lexington, Johnson, Scottsburg and Austin).  Sponsors for this program include Morgan Foods, Scott County Youth Grantmaking Council, Millie Cooper, Sonya Mastin and Hickory Creek.

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