The LES K-Kids with their Faculty Advisor, Lee Anna Willett, posing with their Good Neighbor Award Nomination and the Good Neighbor Award for the Youth Group, Civic, Church and School category-2018.

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VFES (Vienna Finley Elementary School) K-Kids planning their Service Projects.

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The LES K-Kids celebrating their spirit award during the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl For Kids Sake 2018.  They earned a pizza party provided by the Scott County Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Pictured are Kate Eder, Regional Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters and Lee Anna Willett Faculty Advisor for the LES K-Kids serving the pizza.



LES K-Kids chartered in 2017.

LES K-Kids Awards: 
2018:  Distinguished Club Award

The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club and the Lexington Elementary School have agreed to sponsor a K-Kids Club.  K-Kids is one of the Kiwanis Family of Clubs under their Service Leadership Programs.  These clubs are designed to develop leadership through community service.  The K-Kids is designed for elementary school students.  At Lexington ES, 4th and 5th graders are eligible to join.  Pictured are students and the Faculty Advisor conducting the election of officers.  The Lexington ES Faculty Advisor for K-Kids is Mrs Lee Anna Willett and the Kiwanis Advisors are Al Riggle and Monte Roth.  The Petition for Charter has been sent to Kiwanis International for approval and the club is expected to be chartered by the end of March.  There are 33 charter students in the club.   K-Kids is a student led club.  The students determine their goals and which projects they would like to conduct.  They learn to plan, schedule and organize their activities to meet goals and conduct these projects.  This is the second K-Kids Club in Scott County.  VFES chartered a K-Kids Club in early 2016


VFES K-Kids chartered in 2016.

VFES K-Kids Awards
2018:  Honor Club Award
2017:  Good Neighbor Nominee
2016:  Honor Club Award

The Vienna Finley Elementary School K-Kids and their Faculty Advisor, Katie Sawin, meet to plan service projects for the remainder of the school year.  They are planning projects to clean up winter debris at their school, raise funds to support Big Brothers Big Sisters in the 2017 Bowl For Kids Sake and raise funds to support the Hardy Lake Raptor Center The students learn leadership skills through community service.  The VFES K-Kids are a little over a year old and have already been recognized by Kiwanis International as a Distinguished Club.  Al Riggle and Eric Mullins are their Kiwanis Advisors.

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The Vienna Finley ES K-Kids (Kiwanis Kids) hosted Leslie Grow, Hardy Lake DNR, and Jerry Williams, Friends of Hardy Lake, to learn more about the Dwight Chamberlin Raptor Center at Hardy Lake.  The students are planning a project to support the Raptor Center and the presentation helped them better understand it’s mission and needs.  Pictured is Leslie Grow speaking to the K-Kids at their meeting.  The Raptor Center helps injured Raptors heal so they can be returned to the wild.  They take in about 60-100 injured animal patients each year.  If an animal is too injured to return to the wild, it becomes a permanent resident at the Raptor Center and is then used for demonstrations and presentations for educational purposes.  They have eleven permanent raptors who live at the center.  The Raptor Center provides food, housing and medical supplies for these injured animals.  Food for these animals averages out to be approximately $1.50 per day.  Leslie brought several animals with her for the kids to see and learn about including a screech owl, Kestrel hawk, barn owl and a Peregrine Falcon.  The barn owl is now an endangered species.  If someone thinks they have a barn owl, they can call Hardy Lake and someone will come out to provide advice on how to make a better habitat for the owl.  The Kestrel hawk can see ultraviolet colors that humans cannot see, helping them locate their prey easier.  The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world and can dive at speeds of 220 miles per hour.  The K-Kids enjoyed the presentation and appreciated Leslie and Jerry coming to the school to meet with them.  The Friends of Hardy Lake are all volunteers who help out at the Raptor Center and raise money through cheese ball sales, bake sales, raffles and breakfasts at Hardy Lake between April and November.  They accept monetary donations but also have a list of items they need that can be donated on the Friends of Hardy Lake website.  The K-Kids are sponsored by the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club to develop leadership skills through community service.  It’s a student led organization that elects it’s own officers and decide what projects they would like to support.  VFES K-Kids are one of the Kiwanis family of clubs in Scott County Mrs Katie Sawin is the Faculty Advisor, Al Riggle and Eric Mullins are the Kiwanis Advisors.

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The Vienna Finley Elementary School K-Kids held their first meeting of the 2016-17 school yearOver twenty 4th and 5th graders attended the first meetingKatie Sawin is the Faculty Advisor with help from Tammi StaserAl Riggle and Eric Mullins are Kiwanis Advisors.  This is the second year of the VFES K-Kids, chartered last winter.  The K-Kids learn about leadership through community service.  Elections for officers will be held on 21 Sep.  Students who wish to run for office must submit a letter to Mrs Sawin by 16 Sep.