Congratulations LES and VFES K-Kids

I just received word today (list attached) announcing the LES and VFES K-Kids earned the award of Honor Club for 2019-20.They are the only two K-Kids Clubs in the State of Indiana to earn Honor Club.  I am so proud of them for their achievements.Congratulations to the LES K-Kids & Lee Anna Willett and the VFES K-Kids and Katie Rose for this outstanding achievement.

I look forward to working with these outstanding students next year!  Congratulations!!

Please congratulate these outstanding student leaders!


Vienna Finley K-Kids

The Vienna Finley K-Kids decided to clean up winter debris from the school playground area as a service project.  After getting permission from the Principal, they planned, scheduled a date, procured the supplies they needed and gave up their recess on Wednesday, 11 Mar to fan out and pick up paper and trash that had accumulated around the playground over the winter.  Despite the cool temps and cloudy skies, within 30 minutes they had organized, spread out and completed their task.  

I am so proud of this group and their Faculty Advisor, Katie Rose.  

Well done K-Kids!!


Vienna BUG Party

Bring Up Grades or BUG is a program designed to provide recognition to students who raise their grades into an acceptable range and maintain or continue to raise them from one grading period to the next. Recognition includes being placed on the school’s BUG Honor Roll; a pizza, ice cream or other food-themed party; and presentation of certificates and buttons.

Congratulations Vienna-Finley Elementary Students for Bringing Up Your Grades during the most recent grading period.

Vienna-Finley Elementary Bug Party


The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club recognized eighteen students at Vienna Finley Elementary School for making the BUG Honor Roll for the third grading period To earn recognition on the BUG (Bring Up Grades) Honor Roll a student must improve at least one grade in at least one subject and not go down in any others.  BUG is a Kiwanis signature program to provide incentives to third graders to improve their grades.  BUG Honor Roll students receive a BUG Certificate identifying the subject(s) they improved, a BUG T-Shirt the first time they make the BUG Honor Roll, prizes and snacksBUG Honor Roll Students in Ms Lucas’ class are Nathan Garcia, Finn Sawin, Oliver Soto, and Gertie Gregory.  BUG Honor Roll students in Mrs Dulaney’s class are Skyler Amos, Hadley Barton-Smith, Rachael Carey, James Dixon, Bennett Pearcy, Landon Toppe, Bayley Engle, Maggie Broadus, Gavin Walton and William Peterson.  BUG Honor Roll students in Ms Thomas’ class are Sydney Amos, Carmen Brown, Owen Brown and Ceaira Mosier Congratulations to these outstanding students for their hard work and success.  BUG is made possible by our Kiwanis Corporate Member sponsor, Austin Tri Hawk.


The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club donated $200 to the 4H Robotics Team

The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club donated $200 to the 4H Robotics Team from Vienna Finley ES to help them with their registration fee to enter the  VEX Robotics Worldwide Competition in Louisville, KY the end of AprilThe team won the local competition, and placed high enough in the regional and state competitions to quality to compete in the Worldwide Competition Pictured is Bobbie Foster from the Scott County 4H accepting the donation from Kiwanis President Al Riggle at their lunch meeting at the Roadhouse USAGood luck to the Robotics Team!