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Troopers Troy Boyd and Craig Sparr recently attended the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner/meeting


Troopers Troy Boyd and Craig Sparr recently attended the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner/meeting at the Roadhouse USA to talk about the Indiana State Police Career Camp. Pictured are from left to right, Kiwanian Guy Townsend, Trooper Craig Sparr, Trooper Troy Boyd and Kiwanian Al Riggle.

Trooper Troy Boyd introduced Trooper Craig Sparr who will be one of the Directors for the Indiana State Police Career Camp this year Troy reminded us that the Kiwanis sponsored him when he was a kid to attend the Career Police Camp and he now has over 28 years in the Indiana State Police serving in Scott County.  He explained his special affinity for kids in Scott County and hoped any donations or sponsorships we made this year would go to help kids from Scott County attend the Career Police Camp.  Troy spend 17 years volunteering in the Boy Scouts and both his sons are Eagle Scouts.  He is now a Boy Scout Committee Chair.  Craig Sparr is the grandson of Clara Adkins and has been an Indiana State Trooper for eleven years.  He is a detective working organized crime, started his career in Jasper and is now working in Indianapolis.  Continue reading “Troopers Troy Boyd and Craig Sparr recently attended the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner/meeting”

Indiana State Trooper Tia Deaton


Indiana State Trooper Tia Deaton recently spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner meeting at the Roadhouse USA to discuss the Career Police Camp Pictured with Tia are Kiwanians Darryl Smith, Guy Townsend and Al Riggle.  Trooper Deaton is the Co-Cirector of the Indiana State Police Career Camp.  She has been speaking to students at our schools about the career camp.  Tia has been a Trooper with the Indiana State Police for three years, working various duties including on the roa, as a detective investigating child crimes and has served on teh All Crimes Policing Team working drug enforcement.  The Career Police Camp is conducted at Vincennes UniversityKids from all over the state attend adn some kids from out of state attend.  They sponsor three camps, Pioneer, Career Police and Law which all last one week.  The Career Police Camp will be held 8-13 July this year.  The students learn responsibility, respect and discipline as well as being eposed to various aspects of law enforcement such as the Emergency Response Team, SCUBA Team and Bomb Squad.  They have recreational time built in for things such as basketball and swimming.  The camp is coed and the kids can learn more about the camp through school counsellors and facebook.  Trooper Deaton enjoys talking directly to the students.  The cost to attend the camp is $250 per student.  Any donation to help with these costs are appreciated.  The Kiwanians thanked Trooper Deaton for her service to our community and especially to our kids.


Scottsburg Kiwanis Club meeting tonight!


The Scott Co. winners of the Maverick Challenge will be our program this week..They will be going to the regional’s soon.

Due to a conflict with The Chamber dinner several of our members will be going to that, so please make a special effort to join us at the Roadhouse and support these young men..I assure you it will be interesting and out of the box thinking…

Don’t miss THURS.


Justin Holland, owner of Westwood Golf Course and a Kiwanis Corporate Member of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club


Justin Holland, owner of Westwood Golf Course and a Kiwanis Corporate Member of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club, recently gave the members an update on improvements at Westwood Golf Course at their dinner meeting at the Roadhouse USA.  Pictured with Justin are Kiwanis member Wes Clark and Juanita Lowry.  Westwood caters to everyone in the community with various leagues such as: Ladies, Mens, Couples and Seniors.  Justin talked about a program he is working on with the schools to include PGA Professional training to the golf teams during the winter/spring time.  The kids are very important to the golf course and they are our future adults in our community.  Justin is a firm believer that kids who grow up in the golf community have a better chance of succeeding in their lives as adults. With the indoor simulators the schools will have a chance to practice year around.  He touched on what the golf course provides to the community, a home for some of our senior community that live on the golf course and a place to gather for them. Westwood host numerous tournaments that help raise money for community organizations.  In 2017 we helped raise about $50,000 for the community Westwood is home to the Crothersville, Austin & Scottsburg boys and girls golf teams.  Without Westwood, those schools would have no place to practice or play.  Justin stated how great the support from the community has been and how much he looks forward to growing and becoming a better asset to Scott County.  The Kiwanis members thanked Justin for his presentation and for the service he provides to the community.  Westwood Golf Course hosts the Kiwanis Scholarship Golf Scramble every June