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Lexington Elementary School BUG Party

The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club recognized twenty-two third graders at the end of the fourth grading period at Lexington ES for making the BUG Honor RollBUG is a Kiwanis signature program designed to provide incentives to third graders to improve their grades.  To make the BUG Honor Roll a student must improve in at least one grade in at least one subject and not go down in any other subjects.  BUG Honor Roll students receive a certificate identifying the subject(s) they improved and signed by their teacher and principal, a BUG T-Shirt the first time they make the BUG Honor Roll, snacks and prizes.  Pizza was provided at this party BUG Honor Roll students in Ms Brunner’s class are Addison Barton, Mathew Basham, Shelby Bennett, Nick Consley, Erica Darnley, Zoe Dezarn, Aubree Eldridge, Jacob June, Madi Meagher, Cooper Rutledge, Evan Scifres, Taylor Tankersly, Jack Thomas, Matthew Wickey, Jeremiah Williams and Kinsey SmithBUG Honor Roll students in Ms Hale’s class are Margie Baker, Savannah Blevins, Kavan Bramble, Jenah Jones, Brynn Owens and Logan TarrieCongratulations to these outstanding students for their achievement and good luck going to the 4th grade!


Lexington Elementary School BUG party


The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club hosted a BUG party for nine students who improved their grades the third grading period at Lexington Elementary SchoolBUG (Bringing Up Grades) is a Kiwanis signature program designed to provide incentives to students to improve their grades.  To make the BUG Honor Roll a student must improve at least one grade in at least one subject and not go down in any other subjects.  BUG Honor Roll students in Mrs Brunner’s class are Aubree Eldridge and Kinsey SmithBUG Honor Roll students in Mrs Hale’s class are Marlie Baker, Savannah Blevins, Emma Johanningsmeir, Casen Judd, Gracie Middleton, Brynn Owens and Ethan Tallon Special thanks to Lake Pointe Village for providing ice cream for the party.  Congratulations to these students.


The Lexington Elementary School K-Kids

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The Lexington Elementary School K-Kids were chartered in a ceremony held at Lexington ES in front of parents, school leaders and community leadersThe LES K-Kids are the second K-Kids Club to be chartered in Scott County with the only other one being at VFESKiwanis member Chris Wakeman presented the club banner and gavel to LES K-Kids President Raeann Baker.  Key Club Scenic Hills Division Lt Governor Jesse Mays from Scottsburg High School installed the officers.  Bella Cox was installed as Vice President, Katie Montgomery was installed as Secretary, Kendra Shuler was installed as Treasurer and Leah South, Ashia Alcorn, Rebecca Roll, Lillian Doyle and Natasha Williams were installed as Directors.  K-Kids is a student led club for 4th and 5th graders to learn leadership skills through community service.  These students raised over $460 this year for Big Brothers Big Sisters in the Scott County Bowl For Kids Sake, made chalk boxes for 2nd graders at LES, made flash cards for Kindergarten students at LES and worked on welcome packets for new students.  Lee Anna Willett is the Faculty Advisor and Al Riggle and Monte Roth are the Kiwanis Advisors.  Twenty students were inducted as Charter Members.  They are Katie Montgomery, Ally Hanger, Eleanor Morris, Kendra Shuler, Leah South, Addy Dulaney, Bailee Bush, Kayleigh Turner, Dominik French, Leah Shuler, Raeann Baker, Bella Cox, Lillian Doyle, Hannah Tatlock, Ashia Alcorn, Natasha Williams, Rebecca Roll, Kora Johns, Hitomi Roll and Heaven PfeifferK-Kids are part of the Kiwanis Family of Clubs in the Service Leadership Program.  The Kiwanis Club, SHS Key Club and LES provided refreshmentsLee Anna Willett was awarded the Kiwanis Starfish Award for making a difference for kids in Scott County
Picture #1:  Mrs Lee Anna Willett, President Raeann Baker and Vice President Bella Cox inducting charter members (Leah South) in the K-Kids Club.
Picture #2:  Al Riggle presenting Lee Anna Willett the Starfish Award for Making a Difference for kids in Scott County.
Picture #3:  Students, teachers, parents and community leaders attending the ceremony.
Picture #4:  The LES K-Kids charter members.
Picture #5:  Kiwanis member Chris Wakeman presenting the K-Kids Club Banner and gavel to  President Raeann Baker.
Picture #6:  Key Club Scenic Hills Division Lt Governor Jesse Mays (SHS Key Club) installing the LES K-Kids officers and board.

Charter ceremony for the new LES K-Kids Club

I want to take a minute and brag about this bunch of kids.  If you look closely, they have big smiles and have dressed in their “Sunday Best”. We had our charter ceremony last night for the K Kids and I was so impressed with the whole formal component that Al Riggle and Monte Roth, Kiwinis Advisors, organized.  The officers were sworn in and the members received their certificates.  

The most exciting part of the whole evening was the support shown from our community, local and county wide. The turn out was amazing and our kids got to experience first hand that what they do for our community really matters and we appreciate what they do.
I am so very proud to work with these kids!  If you see them in the hallway, please tell them what good things they are doing and to keep up the good work.
Lee Anna
Last night we held the charter ceremony for the new LES K-Kids Club.  Twenty members were inducted, club banner and gavel were presented and officers and board members were installed.  I want to thank Monte Roth, Bunny South, Chris Wakeman and Tiffany Barrett for your assistance and support last night Monte did a great job helping with the kids and taking picturesBunny and the SHS Key Club (Alexis Campbell, Haley Bryant and Rachel Pelfrey) helped make the event a success and provided refreshments.  Thanks to those Key Club members who made baked goods for the reception.  Thanks to Chris Wakeman for presenting the club banner and gavel to President Raeann Baker.  Thanks to Jesse Mays for installing the new officers and Rachel Pelfrey for helping with the ceremony,  Thanks to Sarah Everett for representing the SMS Builders Club.  Thanks to Rusty Jones and Chandra Tally for representing the AHS Key Club.  Thanks to Chuck Rose for providing the invocation.  Thanks to Nick South Jr for hosting the event and giving us the opportunity to work with these outstanding students.
A special thanks to Lee Anna Willett for making the club possible as the Faculty Advisor.  Please see Lee Anna’s note below.  We presented Lee Anna the Starfish Award for making a difference last night.
Thanks to everyone who made this club possible.  These kids are off to a great start.  I’m so proud of them!

The Lexington Elementary School K-Kids Club


The Lexington Elementary School K-Kids Club prepare for their Charter Ceremony.  The ceremony will be held at LES on 3 May 2017 starting at 7:00 PMThe ceremony will last ~1 HourThere will be refreshments afterwards provided by the SHS Key ClubThe ceremony will consist of chartering the new K-Kids Club, officially installing their officers and inducting the charter membersPictured below are some of the LES K-Kids with the new club banner.


Lexington ES K Kids Officers meet


The Lexington ES K-Kids officers met to discuss planning for their meetings and possible service projects to propose to the club members.  The LES K-Kids are pending their charter from Kiwanis International.  These students are learning leadership skills through community servicePictured are President Raeann Barker, Vice President Bella Cox, Secretary Katie Montgomery, Treasurer Kendra Shuler, Faculty Advisor Lee Anna Willett, and Kiwanis Advisor Al RiggleThe officers looked into the feasibility of participating in the Scott County Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl For Kids Sake, making welcome baskets for new students at LES, creating chalk boxes for 2nd graders and making flash cards for Kindergarten students.  The LES K-Kids have 33 members.  Fellow Kiwanis member Monte Roth assists with the LES K-Kids.


Lexington Elementary will have a K Kids Club


The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club and the Lexington Elementary School have agreed to sponsor a K-Kids ClubK-Kids is one of the Kiwanis Family of Clubs under their Service Leadership Programs.  These clubs are designed to develop leadership through community service.  The K-Kids is designed for elementary school students.  At Lexington ES, 4th and 5th graders are eligible to joinPictured are students and the Faculty Advisor conducting the election of officers.  The Lexington ES Faculty Advisor for K-Kids is Mrs Lee Anna Willett and the Kiwanis Advisors are Al Riggle and Monte Roth.  The Petition for Charter has been sent to Kiwanis International for approval and the club is expected to be chartered by the end of March.  There are 33 charter students in the club.   K-Kids is a student led club.  The students determine their goals and which projects they would like to conduct.  They learn to plan, schedule and organize their activities to meet goals and conduct these projects.  This is the second K-Kids Club in Scott County.  VFES chartered a K-Kids Club in early 2016

Lexington ES Bug Party

The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club recognized fifteen students at our Blue Ribbon School, Lexington Elementary School for making the BUG Honor Roll the first grading period.  BUG is a Kiwanis signature program to provide incentives to third graders to bring up their grades.  BUG Honor Roll students this grading period are from Mrs Brunner’s class, Aubree Eldridge, Taylor Tankersly, Madi Meagher, Mather Basham, Cooper Rutledge, Mathew Wickey, Nick Consley and Jacob JuneFrom Mrs Hale’s class are Marlie Baker, Savannah Blevins, Kavan Bramble, Jake Doyle, Emma Johanningsmeier, Jenah Jones, and Brynn Owens.  BUG stands for Bring Up Grades. To make the BUG Honor Roll students have to improve at least one grade in at least one subject and not go down in any others.  The Kiwanis provide a party for these students presenting a BUG T-Shirt, certificate identifying the student, subject(s) improved and signed by the teacher and principal, snacks and prizes.  Snacks for this party were provided by Doris Marcum and Valerie Wilson.  Congratulations to each of these students for their hard work and success!


The Lexington Elementary School Fall Festival

Add to these events the Lexington Elementary Fall Festival and Auction this evening, Saturday, October 1, 2016.The auction is at 5 pm. The festival starts at 6 with a chili cookoff with celebrity judges .Chili will be available for purchase. There will be children’s games, hayrides and fun for all. Please come and support Lexington Elementary, a Blue Ribbon and 4 Star school!