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TTT (Twice Told Tales) used bookstore

Friends of the library

 Twice Told Tales will be open Friday, October 13, and Saturday, October 14, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm both days.

     Thanks to many recent donations the front room again has all new-to-the-store books. Featured is a beautiful 20-volume set of the Nobel Prize Library, W.E.B. Griffin’s The Brotherhood of War, Volumes I-VI, and all seven books of Dana Gabaldon’s The Outlander series.
     Also new are many movie DVDs for $1 each and several VHS movies, including seven starring John Wayne, for only 25 cents each.
     The romance sack sale continues.  Sack up any 10 Harlequin romances for only 50 cents!
     Twice Told Tales is located at 765 South Main, Scottsburg and is operated by Friends of the Library.
The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club has hosted a Flag Program in Scott County for over fifty years Every major holiday, sleepy residents wake up to see Kiwanis Flag Teams slowly pulling four trailers with nearly fifty American Flags each reaching out to the four corners of Scottsburg.  These teams post the national colors on businesses and residences who are flag partners.  These flag partners donate $30 a year to the Scottsburg Kiwanis to support programs and projects for kids in Scott County and in return the Kiwanis mount a bracket in front of their business/residence and raise an American Flag eight holidays each yearIt’s an important fundraiser for the Kiwanis and a great community service to make our community more festive and patriotic during the holidays.  It’s also become a tradition that residents expect to see early morning and early evening as the flag trailers return to retrieve the national colors.  In many cities and towns the local government owns the flags and hires someone to post the flags on important occasions.  In Scottsburg it’s the citizens and the local Kiwanis Club who own the flags, put them out and take them in each holiday.
Monte Roth, fellow Kiwanian, usually pulls the trailer to post flags on the City Route.  He has been most successful in getting youngsters to help put out the flags.  Some of the kids are Boy Scouts, some are members of Service Leadership Clubs the Kiwanis sponsor in Scott County Schools.  All are often accompanied by proud parents.  These pictures from Patriots Day show Billy Harris and his son Will helping post flags on the City Route around the SquareA new generation providing a priceless service.
Sometimes we don’t know how much people notice what we do in Scott County.  I attended a commemorative service for 911 at Scottsburg High School that morning after we had put the flags out.  I was proud of the comments I heard from several students who told me they knew September 11th was an important day because as they rode their buses to school the American flags were flying all along the bus routes. 
John Mastin was Chair of the Flag Program for many years and did a superb job.  He’s one of a long line of Kiwanians who have made this program special.  This is one of our signature programs.  We should never take it for granted.  It touches the hearts of members of our community in ways we may not always know.    We owe a special thanks to our flag teams.  Some of the current members are John Mastin, Brent Inman, Terry Davis, Ross St Clair, Don Cooper, Chris Wakeman, Monte Roth, Dave Church, Dave Kilburn, Bob Riley, Jim Lakner, and Jim Lewis.  Thanks also to all our Flag Partners, nearly 190 plus, whose support of this program allows Scottsburg to put on its colors every holiday, rain or shine, snow or ice, heat or cold

TTT (Twice Told Tales) Used Bookstore

Friends of the library

Twice Told Tales will be open Saturday, September 23, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The used book store is at 765 South Main, Scottsburg.

     Thanks to many recent donations the front room again has all new-to-the-store books. Featured is a beautiful 20-volume set of NOBEL PRIZE LIBRARY.  Each book contains the Presentation Speech, Acceptance Speech, and selections from their body of work of  2 – 4 authors.  Both classical and contemporary authors are included in this amazing set.
     Also new are many movie DVDs from ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS to WALKING THUNDER, and MASSACRE AT FORT HOLMAN, all for only $1 each.  There are also VHS movies including seven starring John Wayne.
     Back by popular demand is the Romance sack sale.  Sack up any 10 romance books for only 50 cents!
     Twice Told Tales is operated by Friends of the Library for the benefit of Scott County readers.