EMPOWER Youth Coalition Impacts Scott County



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EMPOWER Youth Coalition Impacts Scott County 

As part of the Scott County Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support Program initiative, some Scott County youth from both school districts started a youth driven and youth managed coalition this past spring called EMPOWER.

Founding members of EMPOWER are Byron Holland, Eliza Mount, Dylan Baker, Taylor Stewart, Madelyn Shelton, Destinie Achelpohl, Olivia Minor and Dalton Baker. They chose the name EMPOWER because they believe it encourages and equips Scott County youth with tools to live healthy, safe and drug-free lives. The coalition has grown to 13 members so far. Continue reading “EMPOWER Youth Coalition Impacts Scott County”

The Scott County Partnership is seeking volunteers for the Reality Store program


The Scott County Partnership is seeking volunteers for the Reality Store program at Austin Middle School on April 6, 2018 and in Scottsburg Middle School on May 11, 2018. Volunteers will host booths for teens to visit as a part of learning what it means to balance a budget as adults. 

At The Reality Store, students will learn to manage their money, provide their families basic needs, as well as learn to manage life’s unexpected financial issues. envision the lifestyle they’d like to have when they’re in their mid-20’s, select the occupation they’d like to have as an adult, receive a checking account deposit equal to one month’s salary from their desired job, spend their salary in The Reality Store, first on necessities and then on “extras”, handle some of life’s unexpected events, learn whether their selected occupation will provide the financial resources needed to provide the lifestyle they want.
The Reality Store gives students a chance to get a realistic view of what their parents/guardians go through on an everyday basis. At the same time they can envision what it will be like for them to make ends meet on the career path they are considering. It’s a safe environment to give their prospective career a run through.
If you are interested in helping with the Reality Store, please respond to this email or contact me at the phone number below.  
Hope to see you there!!
Have a great day!

Kim Richie

Youth Services Coordinator