Thanks to everyone who supported our golf scramble today to raise money for scholarships.
The Sports Academy (Nick Tisone and Nick Tisone Jr) for planning and organizing the scramble.  

Darryl Smith, Guy Townsend and Wes Clark for grilling hamburgers and hotdogs.
Marc Slaton, Ron Slaton, John Mastin, LL & Juanita Lowry, Nick Tisone, Nick Tisone Jr,, Don & Millie Cooper, Al Riggle, Donna Faris, Justin Holland for participating in and making the Scramble a success.  

Scott Memorial Health, Bill Hoagland, Signature Countertops, Sports Acsdemy, Lake Pointe Village, Hampton Oaks, NWSB, John Jones GM, Sunshine House, United Way and ISI Insurance and Investments for sponsoring the scramble.
I don’t have the final results yet, but I truly appreciate everyone working together to support scholarships for our kids!
Thanks so much!

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