The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club hosted the final Bring Up Grades party of the year for third graders at Scottsburg ESBring Up Grades is a Kiwanis signature program designed to provide incentives to students to improve their grades.  To make the BUG Honor Roll a student must improve at least one grade in at least one subject and not go down in any other subjects.  BUG Honor Roll students receive a BUG T-Shirt the first time they make the BUG Honor Roll, a certificate that identifies the subject(s) they improved and a party with snacks and prizes.  BUG Honor Roll students in Mrs Bagwell’s class are Elyse Amick, Simon Lizenby, Abigail Lytle, Kylan Owens, Logan Stewart, Jackson Begley, Aurora Kynion, Avereigh Ortega, Kaylee Blaylock and Brianna BryantBUG Honor Roll students in Mrs Treadway’s class are Emily Blevins, Hannah Burr, Clyde Cooper, Hayden Couch, Wyatt Cull, Taylor Divine, Carter Eadens, Caroly Ely, Eli Everage, Malia Green, Matthew Kelley, James Kerr, Christina Mayo, Kevin Morris, Patrick Ostrander, Breleigh Pennington, Shyanne Robbins, Jordan Ward, Ashton White and Casandra WilliamsBUG is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Kiwanis Corporate Member, Austin Tri Hawk.  Congratulations to these outstanding students.


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