Troopers Troy Boyd and Craig Sparr recently attended the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner/meeting at the Roadhouse USA to talk about the Indiana State Police Career Camp. Pictured are from left to right, Kiwanian Guy Townsend, Trooper Craig Sparr, Trooper Troy Boyd and Kiwanian Al Riggle.

Trooper Troy Boyd introduced Trooper Craig Sparr who will be one of the Directors for the Indiana State Police Career Camp this year Troy reminded us that the Kiwanis sponsored him when he was a kid to attend the Career Police Camp and he now has over 28 years in the Indiana State Police serving in Scott County.  He explained his special affinity for kids in Scott County and hoped any donations or sponsorships we made this year would go to help kids from Scott County attend the Career Police Camp.  Troy spend 17 years volunteering in the Boy Scouts and both his sons are Eagle Scouts.  He is now a Boy Scout Committee Chair.  Craig Sparr is the grandson of Clara Adkins and has been an Indiana State Trooper for eleven years.  He is a detective working organized crime, started his career in Jasper and is now working in Indianapolis. 

The Police Career Camp is held at Vincennes University and will be held this year 8-13 JulyContact the AHS or SHS school counselors or the Kiwanis Club for information on how to register for the camp.  More and more kids who have gone through the camp are now serving in the Indiana State Police.  The Kiwanis are one of several organizations who sponsor the camp.  It is coordinated and operated by the Indiana Troopers Youth Services, Inc.  Go to their website Youth Camps for more information or e-mail them at

Since 1970, the Indiana State Police have offered thousands of young people an exciting, up-close look at law enforcement and the criminal justice system through its youth camps.  The camps help students gain respect for themselves and others through programs, which demonstrate the rewards of hard work and dedication. 

Similar to the Indiana State Police Academy, the Police Career Camp gives high school students an in-depth and hands-on law enforcement experience.  Utilizing many of the same experts that train our very own Troopers, campers get to experience some of the same things that officers do during their careers.  Additionally, campers will create friendships with other campers far across and/or outside the state. 

With this five day co-ed Career Camp, high school youth get to find out what it takes to be a Trooper, experience many of the other specialties within the law enforcement field and also other civilian positions that translate into experience outside the law enforcement field as well. During this five day experience, campers will be involved in a wide range of instruction, be it from conducting a crime cene investigation to speaking with Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire Departments, Federal Agencies, defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges.  The Indiana State Police will have presenters and demonstrations from many of the specialties available to you as a Trooper to include, but not limited to SWAT, K-9, EOD (Bomb Squad), Scuba team, Tactical Intervention Platoon, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Defensive Tactics and Firearms, just to name a few! 

Contact HTTP://TROOPER.ORG to find out how to get involved and be part of the camps as a sponsor or a camper!


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