The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club recognized 116 third graders in Scott County for making the BUG Honor Roll the end of the second grading period.  To make the BUG Honor Roll (Bring Up Grades) the students must improve at least one grade in at least one subject and not go down in any other subjects.  Students earning this recognition are provided a party, a certificate identifying the subject(s) they improved, snacks, prizes and a BUG T-Shirt the first time they make the BUG Honor RollThis grading period, forty-nine students at Austin Elementary School improved their gradesBUG Honor Roll students in Mr Carr’s class are Katelyn Collins, Trinity Cope, Maddie Daniel, Kenton Nicholas, Monse Rodriguez and Lyla WalkerBUG Honor Roll students in Ms Stagnolia’s class are Aydun Dean, Lukas Hollan, Braydin DeWeese, Jayden Maple, Cheyenne Couch, Tristan Hanner, Lia Payne, Rebecca Spicer, Braxton Law, Emma Caudill, RayLee Hopkins, Ayden Edwards, Khloe Bowles, Stormey Shouse, Ethan Morris, Xander Wilson and Hope CouchBUG Honor Roll students from Ms Norton’s class are Addy Cole, Kylie Deaton, Jacob Jones, Justice Noble, Cayleb Payne, Magnus Smith, Kallie Spicer, Cason Swank, Kaden White and Luci WhiteBUG Honor Roll students from MS Stamper’s class are Hagen Chandler, Jayla Clay, Raelynn Roach, Ian Bowling, Tyrese Keith, Connor Blankenbaker, Rayna Romero, Joanie Fox, Olivia Girardot, Nick Smith, Abagail Rosewell, Caroline Hilderbrand, Adalyne Mullen, Shyanne Robbins, Caleb Coats and Alison OwensPictured with the students are their teachers Ms Stagnolia, Ms Stamper and Ms Norton and Kiwanis corporate members Mike Murry (Austin Tri Hawk) and Mike Everett (Scott Memorial Hospital).  Congratulations to each of these students for their hard work and success this grading period.  The BUG Program is made possible by the sponsorship of Austin Tri HawkSnacks were provided by Kiwanis corporate members Austin Tri Hawk and Hampton Oaks.   BUG is an academic incentive program provided by the Kiwanis Club in partnership with Scott County School Districts 1 &  2.

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