Jack McWhirter and Al Riggle provided feedback


Jack McWhirter and Al Riggle provided feedback to the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club from the Indiana Kiwanis District Convention.
Jack McWhirter and Al Riggle attended the 99th Indiana District of Kiwanis Convention in Muncie, IN 18-20 Aug.  Peter Mancuso, Kiwanis International Trustee talked about the strategic plan which focuses on four areas:  Inspiration (membership), Impact (service), Image (Public Relations) and Investment (resources) and the need for each club to have a strategic plan.  The International Convention for 2018 will be in Las Vegas. 
We had a presentation from the Erskine Green Training Institute.  They prepare post secondary school kids with disabilities for employment in the health, restaurant and hotel industries.  They are funded by th Arc of Indiana Foundation (27K members strong).  The program is 10-13 weeks in Muncie with 15-20 students per session.  They run four sessions a year.  They are certified through the American Hotel Lodging Entertainment Institute.  After certification, they return home for employment.   They enjoy a 75% employment rate.  It costs 16K to attend the school, which includes room and board. 
Al attended the Club Leadership and Circle K/Key Club/Key Leader workshops.  Circle K in Indiana has 540 members in four Divisions.  They do not follow the boundaries of Kiwanis Divisions.  Indiana Key Club has 7,000 members.  Two key points from the workshop are more access for Kiwanis Advisors to help with administrative actions online and an emphasis by the Indiana Foundation to subsidize Key Leader, reducing the cost from $250 to $100.  They are also looking at reinstituting the spring Key Leader as well which would be open as in the past to second semester 8th graders.  There are several orphan Key Clubs who do not have a Kiwanis sponsor. 
Jack attended the Club Rejuvenation, Retention & Relevancy and the Share Your Signature Project workshops.  Our Board of Director will need to carefully review the notes from the 3R’s workshop and decide which ones we are currently doing well and select others to consider implementing. 
The Three R’s:
1.  Invite owners of recently opened businesses.
2.  Bring guests and brag about our projects.
3.  At annual community events, get the kids to sell Kiwanis.
4.  Do an annual membership recruitment event.  Give advanced notice of our visit to businesses.
5.  Put our membership application online (Reference the Kiwanis International web site.)
1.  The original recruiter of a member not paying their dues should be the one to call on him or her regarding the issue.
2.  Survey members at least annually asking for feedback on current programs and ask for new ideas.  Get everyone involved.
3.  Keep all past Presidents involved in fundraising.
4.  Hold a Charter Night and invite the community.
1.  Take all the free publicity we can get:  radio, papers, public access television, parades, town celebrations, etc.
2.  Establish all the Service Leadership Programs we can at the earliest possible date.  Provide community service awards.  Put our membership application online.
3.  Download all the tools listed on the Resource Card, use Facebook and other social programs.  Load the Kiwanis APP on your tablets and phones.
Signature Events:  These are events mentioned by clubs present in the workshop as Signature Events of their clubs. 
1.  Walk for Riley in the Mall.  (This is a 25 year event and can be done by Telethon)
2.  Rubber Duck Launch.  (This one is complicated.  The winner takes $1 Million and is backed by a bond.  The ducks are dropped into a lake/swamp with a numbrer inside, the lucky winner is the one holding the number of the duck chosen as in the Lottery.)
3.  Donut Trailer, e.g., our Taco Wagon only on a weekly basis gaining approximately $1,000 per week, manned in four hour shifts throughout the week.  The trailer has three deep fryers.
4.  Branded Projects:  Parks and Esplanades, e.g., our corner on the square.
5.  Chocolate Round Robin:  Hold chocolate tasting event, set up different stations and charge one fee to cover costs and profit. 
6.  Make and sell bird houses.
7.  Provide Santa Claus’ during season, do photo sessions, make house calls, etc., this club has 8 Santa’s available.
8.  Flower sales.
9.  Ask Foundations for support Grants.
10.  Work with and partner with our city and county.
Steve Ingram was elected Governor Designate and Jud Rouch was elected Governor Elect.  Steve gave his goals for the coming year:  1).  Raise membership by 10%.  2).  Greater Focus on Riley.  3).  Bring 660 2X4s with a check for a project at Riley at the next Convention.  4).  Look for opportunities. 
Thirty-eight Kiwanians were recognized at the Memorial Breakfast. 
Al Riggle donated the $600 from the club to Riley Children’s Hospital and dropped off the items collected for the Riley Children’s Hospital Parent Comfort Cart.

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