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Cradle Flyer

I am so excited about my new role at CRADLE and I wanted to send out information about things that we are starting to put into place. The first flyer again highlights our new hours and days of operation (those have changed). The second flyer is about the CRADLE Buck’s Program that we will be fazing in over the next month. I am asking all the organizations/agencies/services listed if you will please participate and help us as we help our communities’ parents start to earn the things that they need for their children. We want for them to have what they need and at the same time we want them to have the feelings of accomplishment and self esteem that come when you earn what you have. If you have suggestions for other things that they can do please let me know. If your organization and staff don’t want to participate– participation just means that you will sign their cradle bucks card to show they participated in your program. We are encouraging them to do things that are healthy for their children and themselves. The third flyer is our wish list. We are so excited about how much we are able to help with the whole gamut of things that people need from that first pregnancy test, maternity test, and ultra sound, to clothes, furniture, and supplies for babies through children size 8 in clothes. We are invested in these families from pregnancy through elementary school for their kids, and in order to do that we need the communities support.

Michelle Korty, LCSW
501 Thomas Street, Scottsburg 812 752-6898
812 595-8732

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