Tammy Davis recently spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club



Tammy Davis recently spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner meeting at The Kitchen on the Square in Scottsburg Pictured with Tammy are from left to right Kiwanis President Terry Davis, Kiwanian Maryrose McWhirter, Tammy and Millie CooperTammy and Terry Davis had the opportunity to travel to Thailand with Dr John CroasdellTammy went as part of a training program providing medical training through the Christian Medical and Dental Association for missionary doctors, dentists, nurses, medical assistants and medical studentsThe CMDA conducts this training annually and it rotates between Thailand and Greece.  While in Thailand and conducting the training, they stayed at the Suan Bua Resort in Northern Thailand.  Northern Thailand is predominantly Buddhist and they were able to see some beautiful Buddhist structures.  Tammy and Terry took the opportunity to do a little sightseeing when their training schedule permitted.  They took a side trip to Laos and saw the rice paddies.  The rice is grown in two crops per year.  One is to be commercially harvested for export and the other is for their consumption.  They had the opportunity to see some teak forests.  It takes 100 years for a teak tree to reach maturity and be used for furniture.  Individual families own the teak farms and plant trees in patches so they always have some trees growing towards maturity.  These teak forests are handed down to the families.  Elephants are extremely important to Thailand.  There are lots of domesticated elephants for work but there are lots of wild elephants also.  Dr Croasdell, Tammy and Terry visited a remote village and had the chance to spend a day playing, riding and getting to know the elephants.  Silk is also very popular in Thailand.  The Kiwanis members enjoyed the presentation and thanked Tammy for the information but also for assisting with the training of medical missionaries who are involved in medical missions all around the world.


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