Charter ceremony for the new LES K-Kids Club

I want to take a minute and brag about this bunch of kids.  If you look closely, they have big smiles and have dressed in their “Sunday Best”. We had our charter ceremony last night for the K Kids and I was so impressed with the whole formal component that Al Riggle and Monte Roth, Kiwinis Advisors, organized.  The officers were sworn in and the members received their certificates.  

The most exciting part of the whole evening was the support shown from our community, local and county wide. The turn out was amazing and our kids got to experience first hand that what they do for our community really matters and we appreciate what they do.
I am so very proud to work with these kids!  If you see them in the hallway, please tell them what good things they are doing and to keep up the good work.
Lee Anna
Last night we held the charter ceremony for the new LES K-Kids Club.  Twenty members were inducted, club banner and gavel were presented and officers and board members were installed.  I want to thank Monte Roth, Bunny South, Chris Wakeman and Tiffany Barrett for your assistance and support last night Monte did a great job helping with the kids and taking picturesBunny and the SHS Key Club (Alexis Campbell, Haley Bryant and Rachel Pelfrey) helped make the event a success and provided refreshments.  Thanks to those Key Club members who made baked goods for the reception.  Thanks to Chris Wakeman for presenting the club banner and gavel to President Raeann Baker.  Thanks to Jesse Mays for installing the new officers and Rachel Pelfrey for helping with the ceremony,  Thanks to Sarah Everett for representing the SMS Builders Club.  Thanks to Rusty Jones and Chandra Tally for representing the AHS Key Club.  Thanks to Chuck Rose for providing the invocation.  Thanks to Nick South Jr for hosting the event and giving us the opportunity to work with these outstanding students.
A special thanks to Lee Anna Willett for making the club possible as the Faculty Advisor.  Please see Lee Anna’s note below.  We presented Lee Anna the Starfish Award for making a difference last night.
Thanks to everyone who made this club possible.  These kids are off to a great start.  I’m so proud of them!

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