The Kiwanis Family of Clubs conducted a service project at the CASA House in Scottsburg Members of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club, Austin High School Key Club and Scottsburg High School Key Club volunteered to work inside and outside the house.  Jim Binkley, Scottsburg Electric, assisted with some electrical work fixing a safety hazard.  Monte Roth, Al Riggle, Bunny South, Nick South, Guy Townsend, Wes Clark and Dave Church from the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club assisted along with Izzy Staser from the Scottsburg HS Key Club and Tori Wooten from the Austin HS Key Club.  The volunteers painted, moved a bulletin board, pruned roses, mulched flower beds, cleaned up trash and trimmed.  A second work day will be scheduled to finish work that couldn’t be done due to the temperatures. 
Captions for photos:
1.  Wes Clark and Monte Roth “prepping” to paint. 
2.  Wes Clark and Monte Roth in the conference room.
3.  Karolee Tattersall, DCS, and Tori Wooten AHS Key Club painting.
4.  Monte Roth and Jim Binkley fixing an electrical problem.
5.  Jim Binkley working on the wiring at the CASA House.
6.  Jim Binkley and Al Riggle at the CASA House.
7.  Wes Clark and Karolee Tattersall pruning roses.
8.  Primer on the CASA conference room wall. 
9.  Bulletin board moved to a different wall for painting.
10.  Karolee Tattersall painting the CASA conference room.
11.  Guy Townsend, Wes Clark, Dave Church and Al Riggle at the CASA House.
12.  Guy Townsend, Wes Clark, Karolee Tattersall and Al Riggle at the CASA House.
13.  Al Riggle doing his “best work” at the CASA House.

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