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Austin Show Choir Selected for Prestigious Show Choir Competition
Austin High School’s Dimensions Show Choir has been invited to attend FAME, the National Show Choir Competition in Chicago, on April 22nd. The theme “Things aren’t always as they seem” is a trib-ute to rising above the negative stereotypes that hurt us all. With songs like “Born to Rise”, “Crazy Train” and “Time of My Life” the show is exciting and uplifting from beginning to end.
The show choir finals is a show choir’s crowning event and is only awarded to a select few choirs and Dimensions is honored to have been chosen. In order to make this dream a reality the members need your help. The average cost per student is $375. If interested in helping, donations can be made directly to SCAPA (the choir’s booster group) by mail or by the group’s Go Fund Me Account:
Donations can be sent to Kathy Sego, Austin High School, 401 S. Hwy 31 Austin. Details on upcoming fundraising events are listed on the last page of the Good News Chronicle.
The Show Choir is directed by Kathy Sego. Members include sen-iors: Courtney Neace, Jake Shadburn, Alicia White, Ethan Love, Kailey Fugate, and Zach Wooten; Brooklyn Blaylock, Cadi Henson, Jaeleigh Campbell, Kalee Hines, Kasey Brandenburg, Macy Baker, Mayci Furnish, McKenzie Stewart, Sydney Stewart, Sara Puckett, Conner Neace, Darius Rayford, Jordan Hanner, Joseph Smith, Keegan Young, Kodie White, Lonnie Noble, Nolan Lytle, Ray Herron, Riley Rogers, Thomas Gay, Tyler Henderson, Kaylee Perry and DJ Casenas.


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