Scottsburg Kiwanis Club Pancake Breakfast

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The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club hosted the first pancake breakfast of 2017 in March. The SMS Builders Club, SHS Key Club and AHS Key Club provided volunteers to assist Tickets were donated to the SHS Tennis Team, SHS Key Club, AHS Key Club, and the Boy Scouts to raise money for their programs and projects The two Key Clubs were raising money for the upcoming District Leadership Convention in Muncie, IN.
The next pancake breakfast will be on 6 May!
Photo 1:  Kiwanis member Kathy Yount and her daughter, SHS Key Club member Justice Gabbard.
Photo 2:  Judge Jason Mount and his family.
Photo 3:  Customers enjoying the breakfast.
Photo 4:  Chris Wakeman and Don Cooper in the kitchen.  Builders Club student, Jack Land washing dishes in the background.
Photo 5:  Two SMS Builders Club students washing dishes.
Photo 6:  Kiwanis member and SMS Builders Club faculty advisor Lisa Sutton.
Photo 7:  Builders Club member Dyllen Whittymore, SCSD2 Kiwanis member Denise Pelfrey and SHS Key Club President Rachel Pelfrey.
Photo 8:  Happy customers!
Photo 9:  We depend on our customers for the programs and projects we do for the kids–Thank You!!
Photo 10:  Kiwanis member Paul Rogers with friends enjoying pancakes.
Photo 11:  Some of our happy customers—Thank you for your support!
Photo 12:  Kitchen crew–Builders Club on the dish washer, Wes Clark on the sausage and Don Cooper on the flapjacks er, pancakes!

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