Conquer the CHAOS Recruiting New Conquer Leaders

Do you struggle making ends meet month-to-month and need some additional support around? Conquer the CHAOS is about helping people thrive and providing support for people working on overcoming great life challenges. 

Changing habits, changing lifestyles, and changing beliefs is always a struggle, but you will find that the change is worth the struggle. Living a life caught in the crisis of the moment means living in exhausting and draining chaos. IF you want to explore becoming a Conquer Leader who is interested in improving your life-situation, increasing income, and providing stability in your life, then Conquer is for you. 

It’s open enrollment for people who would like to become Conquer Leaders (those getting out of poverty) to join our group. We are currently accepting new applications as we begin a new Conquer the CHAOS class April 6, 2017

If you are interested in learning about conquering the chaos of your life and moving from merely surviving day-to-day to thriving and self-sufficiency, then this worthwhile class is for you. Call 812-752-6365 or email Beth Campbell at beth.campbell@scottcountypartnership.org.


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