Please note below the Maverick Challenge team from Austin High School will be in the regional finals this weekend!  Congratulations to our team and thank you to Chandra Tally from Austin High School who has worked hard with these kids this year.  Chandra is also one of our Faculty Advisors for the new Austin High School Key Club. 

Thanks so much to Dave Church for mentoring this team.

Please see schedule below and additional details. I have done my best to accommodate everyone’s requested times.

Please note: The presentation time is 30 minutes this year. In an effort to ensure all finalists are judged fairly, we will not allow the presentations to go over 30 minutes (this includes the Q&A).

Also, please let your students know the first place prize this year is $3,000- a definite incentive for any group!

Location: Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce

500 Franklin St.

Columbus, IN 47201

Prizes will be given for:

1st Place: $3,000

2nd Place: $1,500

3rd Place: $1,000

Judges Choice: $500 (this will be up to the judges- it could be best verbal presentation, most innovative, etc.



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