Bobby Shepherd and Tim Williams from New Creation Ministries recently spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner/meeting at The Kitchen on the Square in Scottsburg.  New Creation Ministries work with addicts in the jail to provide opportunity, hope and education to prevent them from becoming involved in addiction again.  They provide recovery classes as part of their Jail Ministry on Fridays and Saturdays.  Approximately 35 – 45 participate in these classes.  Each are provided a Bible and a workbook.  They share personal experiences with the men in their ministry and focus on substance abuse and addiction.  They talked about the impact on our community and spend a lot of time working to break the cycle to keep the kids from getting involved.  Validation is so important, they stressed the need to build on successes for the kids to help them realize they are worth something. New Creation Ministries works hard to get men into long term rehabilitation where they receive certificates for attending and participating.  The program stresses forgiveness and the anger they’ve built up for what they’ve lost or don’t have.  They focus on accepting responsibility for their situation.  New Creation Ministries also work with “at risk” kids with Child Protective Services to try to provide family time.  Many of these kids are in the program through the courts to receive tutoring and mentoring. They try hard to create a family setting for them after school.  The goal is to build a better life for these kids.  New Creation Ministries is a 501C3 organization funded by donations from churches, citizens and businesses.  They work in the schools to talk about addiction.  They also work with the Salvation Army in Fort Wayne to help men get on their feet after they get out of jail.  This rehabilitation center provides a facility for 85 men to work and receive therapy.  The focus is on fixing the self.  They encourage them not to go back to the community they came from so they don’t get trapped back in their old surroundings.  Through this program they have opportunities for full time jobs.  If they fail to complete the Salvation Army program, they go back to jail.  New Creation Ministries work with Corrections to get the inmates involved in community service.  The Kiwanis members applauded Tim and Bobby for their efforts to break the cycle of addiction.


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