The Kitchen on the Square in Scottsburg is now hosting the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club Dinner/Meetings on Thursday evenings at 6:30Pictured is Connie Amick receiving the Kiwanis Meets Here plaque from President Terry Davis.  The Kitchen provides a cafeteria style meal with various entrees, multiple side dishes, soups, salads and sandwiches.  The Kiwanis appreciate Connie hosting the meetings and appreciate the outstanding food and friendly smile.  The Kiwanis believe the best way to improve a community is to improve the kids.  They host leadership clubs that focus on community service in five schools, the BUG Program in five elementary schools and conduct various programs and projects for the kids in Scott County.  Anyone interested in becoming a member or learning more are invited to attend.
This second photo is of a Kiwanis meeting in progress.

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