The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club participated in the Scott County Partnership’s Trivial Pursuit Fundraiser to benefit programs and projects conducted by the Partnership in Scott CountyThese programs include the Clearinghouse, Conquering CHAOS (formerly CIRCLES) and various programs in the schoolsThe Trivial Pursuit night raised over $9,000.  The Kiwanis theme was BUG (Bringing Up Grades).  While the Kiwanis team didn’t win, it was a great evening of fun and fellowship and the programs sponsored by the Partnership were the big winners.  Thanks to all those who made up our team for 2017.  
1.Brent Inman, Al Riggle and Dale Armstrong.
2.  Rosie Alsup, Wes Clark and Betty Clark.
3.  Millie and Don Cooper.
4.  Haley Bryant and Alexis Campbell (SHS Key Club).
5 and 6.  BUG Snacks.
7.  Alexis Campbell, Rosie Alsup, Wes and Betty Clark.
8.  Betty Clark, Brent Inman and Al Riggle.
9.  Haley Bryant, Alexis Campbell and Rosie Alsup.  
10.  Alexis Campbell, Rosie Alsup, Wes and Betty Clark.

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