The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club recognized C3BB as the Kiwanis Corporate Member of the Year for 2015-16 at the annual dinner held at the Hickory Creek Nursing HomeHickory Creek is also a corporate member of the Kiwanis Club.  They have been hosting this special fall dinner for a decade.    Last year the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club began to make two awards for Kiwanian of the Year, one for a corporate member and one for an individual member.  This was done to recognize the special and unique contributions that our corporate members make to the mission of Kiwanis.  Pictured are Kiwanis President David Wilson presenting the award to Stacie Skinner, Zach Bane, and Mathew BridgewaterThe Scottsburg Kiwanis Club hosts BUG parties at the end of each grading period at each of the five elementary schools in Scott County.  Every third grade student who brings up his or her grades in at least one subject, without going down in any subject, is invited to the school’s BUG party.  The student receives a T-shirt, a gift bag and a certificate identifying the subject(s) in which the student improved.  There is very little time between when the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club receives the names of the students with their improved subjects and when the BUG party is held. Preparing all those certificates on short notice takes a lot of work, and then each certificate must be signed by the school principal and the student’s teacher before the BUG party.
Stacie Skinner and C3bb prepare all those certificates, for the students in each school, at the end of every grading period. At the BUG party we take a picture of each student, holding their certificate.  At the end of the BUG party we take a class picture of all the students.  The pictures are posted in the school, and the group photo is sent to the local newspapers.  
The BUG certificates mean a lot to the students.  Last year, one teacher told us about the time she visited a student at the home.  Upon entering the home, the teacher noticed that there were no pictures or decorations of any kind on the walls.  But when she went into the student’s room, there was one thing on the wall over the bed – the student’s BUG Certificate. 
In April the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club hosted a Bicycle Safety Rodeo in partnership with Riley Hospital for Children, the Scott County Pilot Club and the Scott County YMCA as part of the Y’s Healthy Kids Day. Several members of the community helped put on this event, including volunteers from the Scottsburg Police Department, the Scottsburg Fire Department and others in the community. The rodeo included a safety course, obstacle course, quiz and a certificate of completion. Stacie and C3BB designed and printed an outstanding certificate for the Bicycle Safety Rodeo.  Stacie has provided support to our club as Assistant Secretary and assisted with promoting our projects and programsStacie and C3bb Communications, thank you for your support of Kiwanis and the children of Scott County. You truly have made a difference, one child at a time.

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