The employees of the Scott County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) hosted the Weekly Meeting of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club at the new EMS Training Institute, located near Scott Memorial Hospital at 1468 Scott Valley Drive.  The employees made six different kinds of soup for dinner, and the members of the Kiwanis Club voted for the one which they liked the most.   Pictured are Scott County EMS personnel Tammy Davis and Jacob Carroll with Kiwanis President David Wilson.
Tammy Davis, the new full-time Training Officer for the Scott County EMS employees and for the EMS Training Institute, demonstrated how to use special training manikins.  EMS employees and others practice CPR procedures and the use of medical equipment on the manikins.
In addition to training EMS technicians, the EMS Training Institute has applied for accreditation to provide paramedic training.  When approved, they will be the 22nd facility in the State of Indiana to provide this level of training.
The Scott County EMS is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has three ambulances to serve the people of Scott County.  Scott County EMS is funded from billing patients for the services that it provides.  Over half of the patients are covered by Medicare or Medicaid.  Scott County EMS does not receive any government funds to operate.
The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club thanked the Scott County EMS employees and Tammy for providing a delicious dinner and for giving an informative presentation and tour of the EMS facilities.

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