Annual Dinner Provides Perfect Recipe for Final Membership Push
In a couple of weeks, the Kiwanis Club of Greenwood will gather for its Dinner on the Deck, an annual celebration marking the end of the Kiwanis year. This year’s pitch-in will have twist, though:  Members are being encouraged to bring guests to partake of the good food, join the lively conversation and learn about Kiwanis. Club leaders hope their guests will be moved to join their ranks, finishing the year strongly and strengthening the club’s presence in its community.
“Earlier this year, we set a goal of increasing our roster by 10 percent as a way to meet the membership challenge of Governor Kris Bowers,” says the club’s vice-president, Mary Kay Anthony, on whose deck the annual dinner is staged. “We met our goal in good fashion and decided we’d like to at least try to add a member or two before October arrives. If we don’t, we will have at least planted the seeds for cultivating new members next year.”
The club’s efforts typify the initiative Governor Kris hopes all Indiana Kiwanis clubs take to bolster their rosters as the current Kiwanis year winds down.
“The membership challenge facing us is daunting,” the district governor says. “Strengthening our clubs in service impact and membership is not just important, it’s critical, especially at this time of the year. Each year, we face a looming ‘September purge’ as clubs clean up their rosters in anticipation of the next administrative year. But to have a chance at a membership increase at the end of the year, we should add 918 new members this year. So far, we’ve added about 600, which means we are significantly behind where we need to be.”
Here are several steps your club can take now to guarantee a strong finish to your Kiwanis year:
Stop before you drop. Take a look at your club’s roster and identify two or three members you haven’t seen in a while and contact them. These may be members who feel disconnected and are considering leaving the club, so contact them NOW. If every club re-engaged at least one member that likely would be dropped in September, the district would be almost 200 members stronger by the end of the year.
Follow the Formula. Consider becoming a part of the district’s membership team. Every community needs a Kiwanis club like yours. And every club needs Kiwanians. Joining the district’s Formula team is your chance to shape the future of your club, your community and your district.
Increase your impact and earn some cash. More members means more service to your community. It also may mean more dollars for your club’s coffers. Under the district’s Club Strengthening Incentive Program, if your club ends the 2015-16 administrative year with a net increase in membership, the district will send you a check. (For every net increase of one member, your club earns $50.)
The power of one. Invite one new member to join your club before the end of September. This is a suggestion for ALL Hoosier Kiwanians. Even if every member of your club invites someone to join and only one or two sign up, that’s still enough new members to end the year with positive growth.

New Position will Sharpen District’s Focus on Membership Growth
A dedicated servant leader with a passion for growing Kiwanis is taking the reins of the Indiana District’s member-recruitment efforts. Pete Tinsley, a member of the North Central Indianapolis Kiwanis Club, is the district’s new manager of membership growth, a staff position that was created recently to add muscle to the district’s growth initiatives.
The job description for the new position is pretty straightforward: work with Kiwanians across the district to open new clubs; work with clubs that really want to grow and help them plan member-recruitment events.

“I look forward to working with district and club leaders to help our district grow,” Tinsley says. “This will be a collaboration. Too often we think it’s someone else’s job to grow and strengthen our district. In reality, it’s a team effort. I hope to be a catalyst for growth by getting everyone — clubs and members — involved.”
Contact Tinsley for help in planning and executing a membership-recruitment event.

Reach into your Pockets and Rally Around Riley, 3 Wishes Campaign
The Indiana District of Kiwanis is close to reaching this year’s goal of $250,000 for the 3 Wishes Campaign. As of 10:30 a.m. today (and we’re sorry we can’t be more accurate), the amount the district has raised is $213,448.68. This includes more than $80,000 that was raised during the recent district convention.
It’s important that the district meets its goal so it doesn’t have to play catch up during the rest of the four-year campaign.
“Our partnership with the Riley Hospital for Children is critically important for Hoosier children,” District Governor Kris Bowers says. “Early screening and diagnosis for autism and related disorders is the key to successful intervention and the path to helping all children succeed to their fullest potential. We’ve made a commitment to support Riley’s neurodevelopmental and behavioral centers initiative and it’s important that we come through.
“So if you haven’t made your personal donation to this important campaign, I encourage you to do it before September 30.”
To help with that, the district does have incentive programs for clubs and their members.

If you Really Cotton to Kiwanis,
These Shirts Will Fit you to a T
If you’re a Kiwanis fashionista, here’s a hot item to add to your Kiwanis wear. A limited number of T-shirts left over from the recent Indiana District Convention are up for sale. You better act quickly though: Only a limited number remain.
The blue T-shirts sport the Kiwanis logo on the front and the message, “Hoosier Kids Need Kiwanis” on the back. There are 12 medium, 14 large and 18 extra-large shirts available and they can be yours for $15 each, plus shipping.
Contact the District Office if you’re interested.
Indiana District of Kiwanis

3636 Woodview Trace, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46268
(317) 578-0857

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