Kelly Dulaney, Executive Director of the Greater Scott County Chamber of Commerce recently attended the Scotsburg Kiwanis Club dinner meeting at the Quality Inn to discuss the recently concluded Junior Achievement BIZ Camp.   Junior Achievement BizTown is a simulated city built, populated, and governed by kids. On the very first day of their very first jobs, students experience applying and interviewing for jobs, keeping a work schedule, managing personal budgets, and opening a small business. With the ultimate objective of securing and paying off a business loan, JA BizTown is an invaluable experience that prepares children to participate successfully and responsibly in finance and business as an adult.
The first three days of Biz Camp were educational sessions in a classroom.  Students learned job descriptions for the BizTown jobs that they would fill later in the week and learned how to manage money.  They completed an aptitude questionnaire and then had job interviews for the BizTown jobs that they desired.  The jobs available were for many jobs and careers, including mayor of Biz Town, bank clerk, and popcorn popper at a movie theater.  Each student held two jobs at BizTown, and during the final two days the students filled their jobs.
Five Scott County students who attended Biz Camp came to the Weekly Meeting of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club.  They were Kellan Carter, Avarix Mullen, Gabriel Pike, Jackson Taylor, and Emily Young, and they were accompanied by Carrie Carter, Shawna Mullen, Lisa Gordon, Amanda Davidson and Christy Young.  The students introduced themselves and talked about their experiences at Biz Camp.  It was a valuable and rewarding experience for the students.
The Scott County Chamber of Commerce sponsored 36 Scott County students to attend the Junior Achievement Biz Camp, who attended during the week of June 20-24, 2016.  Attendance is limited to 50 students each week from 4th, 5th and 6th grade.  It costs $195 to send a student to Biz Camp.  The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club donated $1100 and other members of the Scott County Chamber of Commerce made contributions to pay for the cost.  The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club is a member of the Scott County Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber is a member of the Kiwanis Club.
The students thanked the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club for being a sponsor of Biz Camp, and the members of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club thanked the students for their presentation.


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