For those of you that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, I am Jesse Mays and I will be representing the Scenic Hills division within Key Club this year. I look forward to working with all of you in the upcoming year. Although it is summer, I need a few things from the advisors. 

I am expected to turn in contact information for all of next years officers. This includes name, phone number, and email. If you could get the information to me as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate it. 
Also, at our last board meeting, the District Board Members decided that instead of having one or two big Fall Rallies this year we could have them on our own, or partner with other divisions. This year, I was hoping to partner with Buffalo Trace, Heartland, and Hoosier divisions. We were looking at September 10th for our “Kick Off” event. We were looking in the Brown County area. How many clubs would be willing to travel to Brown County, and how would you provide/control transportation for the members? 
Have a blessed summer, and thank you for all that you do! 
Jesse Mays

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