Justin Stevens from Americans For Prosperity recently spoke at the Kiwanis dinner meeting at the Quality Inn in ScottsburgPictured are from left to right Kiwanis member Jack McWhirter, Justin Stevens and Zeb Stevens.  Justin was born and raised in Scottsburg and has four children.  He worked for the Department of Child Services for four and a half years where he became aware that Scott County has the highest rate of children involved with DCS than any other county in Indiana.  He served on US Representative Todd Young’s staff for three years and then served in Senator Coate’s Scottsburg Office for four years.  Justin now works for Americans For Prosperity, a 501C4 and 501C3 Foundation.  The State Chapter in Indiana started in 2011.  Americans For Prosperity believe in the importance of maintaining a free society and educating the population about what’s going on with their elected officials.  He lamented the lack of engagement by many of our citizens in the political process.  Americans For Prosperity stress the importance of making informed decisions at the ballot box.  There are chapters in thirty-six states.  They believe in accountability and work hard to inform citizens how our elected officials are voting and working for them.  They have earned a certain respect within the legislative community.  Americans For Prosperity started as Citizens For A Sound Economy in the 1980’s.  They believe people have the most satisfaction when doing meaningful work.  This group argued for policies against subsidies for energy.  They continue to work to reduce a wide range of government regulations.  The Kiwanis members appreciated Justin’s presentation and participated in a lively discussion.


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