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The Get Healthy Scott County Leadership Team

Link to view and print the new route flier:f1b6a686-0c4d-48e8-a531-cd22bce7c37b

Please post and distribute to your clients–
Austin and Scottsburg NEW SITS Bus Route

Thanks to the hard work of the Get Healthy Scott County Coalition AND the Southern Indiana Transportation System, we are ready to announce the official new public transportation route for Scott County!

This route runs every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. We cannot add more days / hours until the route is utilized to the fullest on the current schedule.

We hope that many of you will promote this new route with your clients and share with any populations you serve. We also expect many of you to trial the route yourself or ride along with a client. As you get first-hand experience with the route, please record any feedback and be prepared to share your feedback at future GHSC Coalition meetings.

12pm & 3:30pm                Austin Huddle House
12:15pm & 3:50pm           Austin City Hall
12:20pm & 3:50pm           Austin One Stop Shop/Health Department 
12:25pm & 3:55pm           Austin City Park 
12:30pm                           Austin Library / Austin Quad Med Building 
12:40pm & 4pm                Austin Dollar General
Deviated times: 12:45pm – 2pm & 4pm – 5:15pm
2pm & 5:15pm                  Scott Memorial Hospital 
2:20pm & 5:30pm             Stop for Hancocks Pharmacy and surrounding area.
2:30pm & 5:45pm             Scottsburg Library
2:40pm                             Craig Park Apartments
2:55pm & 5:50pm             Kids Place 
3:10pm & 5:50pm             Dept. of Child Services; Scott County Clearinghouse 
3:15pm & 5:55pm             YMCA 
Return route times: 6pm – 7pm to Austin and Scottsburg

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