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Position Available: HIV Tester/Phlebotomist for Scott County One Stop Shop, Contract Position 

Below is a job description for a new HIV Tester in Scott County. Please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested in this position. They are looking to fill this position as soon as possible.
Thank you!
STD Prevention Program Specialist                            
Divison of HIV/STD/Viral Hepatitis
Indiana State Department of Health
317.233.7411 office
317.233.0144 fax

Position: HIV Tester/Phlebotomist for Scott County One Stop Shop, Contract Position
Hiring Manager: Brandon Halleck  bhalleck@isdh.in.gov
Pay rate: $18.00per hour
Purpose of Position: Provide risk assessment and risk reduction counseling, administer and interpret HIV and hepatitis C tests, connect clients with appropriate supportive services including Linkage to Care, Care Coordination, Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling, Disease Intervention Services, health education and literacy training.
Essential Duties: 
– Provide pre and post test counseling for HIV testing clients
– Effectively provide clients testing results
– Draw blood for HIV and HCV testing
– Prepare specimens for lab processing
– Provide appropriate referrals for care, treatment and/or prevention
– Identify populations at highest risk for HIV infection and engage into prevention programming
– Complete necessary paperwork and data entry in a timely fashion including entering data within 48 hours
– Collect necessary documentation
– Maintain client records
– Perform effectively within the organization and interpersonally with co-workers
– Attend staff, department, team and other requested meetings
– Participate in and/or coordinate 1 to 2 additional committees/activities
– Develop positive working relationships with other social services, medical and mental health providers
– Responsible for recruiting clients, promoting program, and educating community members
– Perform other duties as assigned
– Provide public health services to a wide variety of populations in a culturally competent and client-centered manner
-Coordination of HIV testing events within the community
-Program development of testing programs
-Data entry for Scott Memorial Hospital testing
-Work hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10am-6pm, Wednesday  9-4pm, Friday 10-4
Job Requirements
Associates degree in human services preferred or equivalent work experience with phlebotomy experience/certification suggested. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections strongly encouraged. Candidate must have experience leading public groups while conducting informational presentations in a variety of settings. Candidate must have a valid driver’s license, as extensive travel is required.
Difficulty of Work
Work assignments require independent, critical thinking and decision making abilities. This position must interpret and follow all applicable laws, policies and procedures using extensive knowledge of all aspects of HIV prevention, counseling, testing and referral services. Work activities are conducted with consideration given to the needs of individuals statewide, and have the ability to talk to clients about uncomfortable material in a non-judgmental manner.
The incumbent will consult on the planning, management, and facilitation of regional HIV counseling, testing, and referral projects. The incumbent will work with the HIV prevention program to monitor and coordinate efforts to develop statewide strategies and programs to provide uniform HIV services. Incumbent will consult with supervisor on unique and unusual situations. Incumbent applies principles of research, analysis and HIV planning to the implementation of a regional HIV counseling and testing program.
Personal Work Relationships
In addition to working directly with high risk populations in and around Scott County, IN, the incumbent works extensively with local social service providers, Disease Intervention Specialists, Care Coordinators, as well as state, local and federal entities.
Physical Effort
Limited physical demands.
Working Conditions
Work is performed in an office environment. Occasional field work is required.
Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

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