Grace Café Offers Free Food to Families In Need!!

Grace Café, located at 36 E. McClain Ave. in Scottsburg, now has a free food pantry for families in need.  Tracy Patton, owner of Grace Cafe, spent 18 years working as a social worker with children and families, so this new project is very dear to her heart.  Tracy explained that many children are able to receive breakfast and lunch through assistance at school; however, during the summer, families are faced with the added expense of providing those meals at home.  Tracy does not want any child to go hungry, so she is offering a variety of options for families in need.  Families may come to the Grace Café and eat a free hot meal, or they can take food home with them from the free food pantry.  The food pantry is stocked with cereal, canned goods (vegetables, fruits, and meats), boxed spaghetti, peanut butter, crackers, soups, and much more.  If a family does not have transportation to the café, food can be delivered to those families.  To receive any of these free services, or to donate food to the food pantry, visit the Grace Café at 36 E. McClain Ave., or call Tracy Patton 
at 812-595-0571.


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