Greg Ramoni, Director for Scott County Emergency Communications recently spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner meeting at the Quality Inn in Scottsburg.  Pictured are from left to right are Kiwanis President David Wilson, Greg Ramoni and Kiwanis member Al Riggle.  Greg explained the department is responsible for answering 911 emergency calls and for dispatching the officers of the Austin Police Department, the Scottsburg Police Department, the Scott County Sherriff’s Department, the Scott County Emergency Medical Technicians, and all of the Fire Departments in Scott County. Scott County was the first county in the State of Indiana to have a combined dispatch center for all emergency responders.
The center handles 100,000 calls each year, including 20,000 emergency calls to 911 and 6,000 emergency text messages to 911.  99% of all calls received are answered in less than 10 seconds.  Emergency responders are on the way within 89 seconds from when the call was received.
The people who staff the 911 Call Center are trained to dispatch life support personnel and to administer basic and emergency life support instructions to callers.  They are trained to handle many kinds of emergencies, coaching the caller on the proper steps to take until the emergency responders arrive on the scene.
The 911 Call Center is funded by the 911 surcharge on the phone bills, including land lines, VOIP and prepaid calling cards.  The money is received by the State of Indiana and distributed to the Counties based upon population and call volume.  In Scott County the money has also been used to upgrade the radio system to provide better coverage throughout the County.
Greg has served in the United State Army for 8 years, including tours in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Korea.  He is a Staff Sergeant in the Indiana Guard.
The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club thanked Greg for his interesting presentation, for his service to the citizens of Scott County, and for his service to our country in the Armed Forces.

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