Virgil Vaughn recently attended the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner meeting to give a presentation on his pecan farmPictured are from left to right Kiwanian Paul Rogers. Virgil Vaughn and Kiwanis President David WilsonVirgil and his wife, Neda, are the owners and operators of “The Vaughn Family Pecan Farm,” located at 1208 West Craig Road in Scottsburg.  Pecan trees grow wild in Scott County and this area is well-suited for pecan orchards.  
The Vaughn Family Pecan Farm is the only commercial pecan farm in the State of Indiana.  The farm works with Texas A&M University to breed better pecan trees.  Different varieties of root stocks are combine with different varieties of grafted cultivars to produce superior commercial-grade pecans.  The farm currently has 350 trees on 14 acres, with 13 named varieties of pecan trees.
In Scott County, a successful pecan tree must produce nuts for harvest within 189 days of pollination.  A pecan tree will produce nuts after a few years, and will attain full productivity in 25 years.  The tree trunk must be at least 8 inches in diameter to use a mechanical shaker to harvest the nuts.  The harvested nuts are air-dried for five days.  When stored in an air-tight container, the dried nuts will keep for five years.
Mr. Vaughn will hold a seminar for pecan growers on September17, 2016 at Scottsburg High School.  The seminar will include speakers from the U.S.D.A. Forest Service at Purdue University, the Pecan Experiment Station at Kansas State University, and the Pecan Breeding Program at Texas A&M University.  Tours of the Vaughn Family Pecan Farm will be offered in the afternoon.
The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club thanked Mr. Vaughn for his interesting and informative program, and for bringing a bag of pecans grown on his farm for the Kiwanis members.

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