Indiana State Attorney General Greg Zoeller recently spoke at the Kiwanis dinner meeting at the Quality Inn in ScottsburgPIctured are from left to right, Kiwanis President David Wilson, Greg Zoeller and Kiwanis member Guy TownsendGreg was born and raised in New Albany, Indiana.  Professional golfer Fuzzy Zoeller is his cousin.  Greg studied as an undergraduate at both Purdue University and Indiana University, and received his law degree from the Indiana University School of Law in 1982.

Prior to state government, Greg spent ten years as an executive assistant to Dan Quayle – first in Senator Quayle’s U.S. Senate office, and then in the Office of the Vice President of the United States. He also served in other government capacities and was in private practice for 10 years before joining the Attorney General’s Office in 2001, serving as Chief Deputy until 2008.  He was elected Indiana’s 42nd Attorney General in 2008 and is now serving in his 8th year.  

As Attorney General Greg supervises 157 Deputy Attorneys General in all 92 counties. His office defends the State of Indiana in all appeals and represents all functions of the state judicial system, including police officers, corrections officers and prosecuting attorneys.  The success rate in defending appeals has increased from 86% to 94% over the past 8 years.

Attorney General Zoeller recommends that all Hoosiers protect their identity.  There have been many data breaches in recent years, including at Anthem, Target, Home Depot and other companies.  As a result, everyone is at risk for identity theft.  Visit, go to the section on Identity Theft and Security Breaches, and then to the section on Place a Credit Freeze.  This will help prevent an identity thief from opening a line of credit in your name, but will still permit you to apply for a mortgage or a loan.

It is the responsibility of the Federal Communications Commission to regulate robo-calls.  Greg recommends that you not answer any robo-calls and don’t listen if you do answer the call.  Hang up immediately.  If you do stay on the line, your number will be sold to other robo-callers, and you will get more of them.

The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club thanked Greg for his helpful consumer advice and for his career in public service.


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