Scott County Partnership Appoints Judy Montgomery as Operations Manager of the Scott County Clearinghouse

The Scott County Partnership has announced the hiring of Judy Montgomery as the Operations Manager of the Nelson Spaulding Community Clearinghouse. Judy has filled the position vacated by Nelson Spaulding who retired last summer.

Judy’s experience with the Clearinghouse began seven years ago. Judy sought out the Clearinghouse after undergoing some personal struggles of her own. It was there where she met Nelson Spaulding and learned about the AmeriCorps program.

Judy then became an AmeriCorps member and completed two years of service.  Afterwards Judy began employment elsewhere but would go continue to go to the Clearinghouse before work and during her lunch breaks to volunteer. After a short time Nelson offered her a part-time job where he taught her everything about the day-to-day running of the Clearinghouse.  She advanced her way to the Operations Manager when Nelson retired in June 2015.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Scott County Community Clearinghouse or in any of the other programs offered by the Scott County Partnership please call Judy Montgomery at 812-752-0123 or email

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