Shelly Pfaffenbach, Scott County 4-H Coordinator, recently spoke at the Kiwanis dinner meeting at the Quality Inn in Scottsburg Shelly works at the Scott County Purdue Extension Office at the Courthouse in Scottsburg as a Program AssistantPictured are from left to right, Maryrose McWhirter, Shelly Pfaffenbach and Darryl Smith.  Shelly’s primary job is to promote 4H in all the schools and provide School Enrichment Programs.  There are about 250 kids in 4H with an additional 800 involved in the School Enrichment Programs.  There are numerous 4H projects for the students to get involved including photography, jewelry making, livestock showmanship and many others).  Some of the Enrichment Programs include the Food To Mouth program, Recycling, Good Apples (2nd graders learning respect for others), Captain Cash (3rd graders learning about saving, spending and borrowing), Farm Charm (4th graders agriculture related programs), and Market (5th graders learning about supply and demand).  These programs just started in the schools about two years ago and are really growing.  They run a Girls Empowerment Program (GEM) geared to middle school aged girls targeting at risk girls focused on communicating, personalities, strengths, bullying, consequences and healthy body image.  They focus on “Be Confident, Be Different, Be Yourself”.  The biggest and most well known 4H programs are those associated with animals at the County Fair.  The 4H raise money for all their programs.  The Fair Board provides the facilities and the 4H is responsible for the pens, ribbons, awards, etc.  They really depend on volunteers and donations from the community.  The Kiwanis members expressed their appreciation for all the 4H programs provide for our kids and especially the number of kids they impact in our community.


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