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Vienna-Finley Elementary School recently honored, Special Education Teacher, Mrs. Katie Sawin, for her outstanding work with students and her contributions to the success of the entire schoolMrs. Sawin was honored with the “This Bud’s For YOU!” Award, which is a rose bud presented to an outstanding faculty member who has gone above and beyond to make Vienna-Finley exceptional.  The program is sponsored by Horace Mann, and Mr. Richard Jackson, Horace Mann representative, was also present during the festivitiesAmong many other reasons for earning the prestigious award, Mrs. Sawin works hard to provide assistance to all students at Vienna-Finley through direct instruction/consult with other teachers.  She develops plans and provides resources to guide students toward ultimate success, and she sponsors programs to enhance the school communityOne such program is the new Kiwanis K-Kids Club.  This group of students devotes time and energy to collaborating on ways to serve their school communityThe inaugural Charter Ceremony will take place at Vienna-Finley on Friday, February 19th at 6:00PM in the school gymnasium.




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  1. I am so impressed and excited to see so many well-groomed young people in attitude and manners! Clearly these behaviors are taught, and the young people at Vienna-Finley Elementary have learned, and are using very important life skills!

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