Hi David!
 As you know I am an instructor for Adult Education at the Scott County Lifelong Learning Center.  Our administration has approved wording for promoting Adult Ed in local churches and is asking churches to include the info in their bulletins as a type of PSA. I thought you could facilitate this to pastors and they could choose if they want to include it in their church bulletins.  Here are the details of the insert;
Adult Education offers free classes in preparation for the high school equivalency diploma, English language acquisition, college and career readiness, taking Accuplacer to enter Ivy Tech, and career counseling. 
Call 812-981-3777 or 
As you are aware, high school drop out rates in Scott County are among some of the highest in the State.  Education is a viable avenue to help our citizens become more financially stable and productive members of our county.  Please call me at my cell phone if you need additional info.  I would be more than happy to help. God bless you my friend and thanks for all the good work you are doing for our County.  You are a positive force in our community. 
Dennis R. Thomas    

pastor, Bethany Baptist Church
Deputy, Indiana 47230

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