Dr Chris Carter recently spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner meeting at the Quality Inn.  Pictured are from left to right, LL Lowry, Dr Carter and Al RiggleDr Carter presented a Functional Medicine Overview.  He has been a Chiropractor in Scottsburg for 18 years.  He told us he enjoys making people better.  In his practice, he deals mostly with spine and neck issues.  His real avocation is to learn what being healthy is and employ more functional medicine.  He believes if you have the right tests you can truly coordinate treatment to help people get better.  Top priorities to ensure people feel better is to ensure you have normalized blood sugar and insulin.  Maintain proper amounts of iron/ferritin for correct oxygen delivery to cells.  Its important to check inflammatory markers in the blood.  Complete investigation, compliance on the patient’s part for taking proper Glutathione and Vitamin D3, along with staying away from pro-inflammatory foods such as wheat based foods, anything soy based, night shade vegetables, alcohol, fried and processed foods.  He recommends eating like a caveman and you will be fine.  (i.e., Paleo Diet).  Optimize essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6).  They work to decrease inflammation and support cellular function.  Glutathione is our bodies number one supporter of the immune system and the strongest anti-inflammatory second only to steroids.  Vitamine D3 is our bodies number two supporter of the immune system.  If you can’t fight foreign invaders such as virus and bacteria and auto-immune disease, then you suffer.  Low glutathione and low Vit D3 makes you chronically tired as well as a myriad of other decreased functions.  Chris emphasized its important to understand our genetic makeup and have the right tests conducted so you know how you’re performing inside and work to have any issues corrected.  It takes a combination of the proper tests and your physician knowing the interrelations of the physiology and biochemistry to get chronic disease patients better through Fnnctional Medicine.  The members thanked Dr Carter for his presentation.



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