Terry Davis recently spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club’s dinner/meeting at the Quality Inn and provided an update on projects going on at Hardy Lake State Park. Pictured are from left to right, Kiwanis President David Wilson, Terry Davis and Darryl Smith. Terry, a Director of the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club, manages Hardy Lake State Park for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

The main boat ramp is being repaired. Potholes in the ramp have been patched in the past, but the patches have not lasted long when the ground freezes and thaws. A contractor will make pre-cast concrete slabs and push them into place where the ramp goes under water into Hardy Lake.
The comfort stations were improved three years ago with the addition of tiles. This year the sinks and hand dryers will be replaced, and partitions will be repaired where needed.
The year 2016 is the Bi-Centennial for the State of Indiana and the Centennial for the Indiana State Parks. Each State Park will have a special project to celebrate these two milestones. The project being planned for Hardy Lake State Park is to build an educational building and parking lot for the raptors. The facility will be constructed near the gate to the campground and the recreation area. It will include public restrooms, display cages for raptors, informational kiosks, a bird-viewing area, a butterfly garden and space for educational programs. The project will be funded by a donation of $25,000 from The Friends of Hardy Lake, by proceeds from timber sales at Hardy Lake State Park and by a grant from the State of Indiana. The anticipated completion date is the summer of 2017.
More playground equipment will be provided at the Shelter House and the Beach Area.
The Beach Area will be improved with new sand. Six hundred tons of sand have been ordered.
The Fishing Pier at the Marina has been refurbished and is once again available to the public.
Timber Management at Hardy Lake State Park began in 2014. Specified trees, including poplar, white oak and hickory, are cut and the areas are left to regrow naturally. This opens the forest for new growth, which benefits wildlife diversity, and provides income for Hardy Lake State Park. The income has been used to replace equipment and will be used for the new educational facility that is being planned.
Terry recognized The Friends of Hardy Lake for all that they do to promote and support Hardy Lake State Park, and thanked the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club for its support.
The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club thanked Terry for his informative presentation, and for all that he has done is his 31 years at Hardy Lake State Park.


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