Twice Told Tales will be open Friday, December 11, and Saturday, December 12, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm both days.
Customers looking for their Christmas reading and gift ideas will have only these two days to shop before Christmas. As a gift to the community, the used bookstore will be selling all Christmas-themed books for 5/$1. The shelves are brimming with Christmas fiction by favorite authors, children’s, and “preparation for Christmas” books.
In addition, is a set of shelves filled with books very suitable for gift giving……and the price is right! Hardbacks are $1 and paperbacks are 50 cents. Bibles and New Testaments are always free for the asking.
The Friends of the Scott Co Library operate the used bookstore at 765 South Main, Scottsburg, and wish to thank Scott Co residents for supporting their mission of providing the reading public with low-cost books.


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