Attached is the job description for the Sheriff Office Administrative Assistant. The position pays 14.34hr plus benefits. Applications may be picked up at the auditor’s office in the courthouse. It is a very important position that I would like to get filled soon. 
Dan McClain
Sheriff,  Scott County
111 South 1st Street
Scottsburg, Indiana 47170
Office (812) 752 8400
Fax (812) 752-5751

Position Description 
County of Scott, Indiana
Position: Administrative Assistant
Department: Police
Work Schedule: As Assigned
Job Category: COMOT (Computer, Office Machine Operation, Technician)
Date Written: May 1992
Status: Full-Time 

Date Revised: March 1999, Jan. 2003, April 2003
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
To perform this position successfully, and individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed in this document are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodation May be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Incumbent serves as Administrative Assistant for the Scott County Police Department, responsible for maintaining all Department records and accounting operations.

Processes and audits, and reconciles all invoices for accuracy and prior payment, sorts and completes voucher, attaching documentation as necessary. Obtains authorization to pay and signature of Sheriff, and forwards vouchers to County Auditor according to prescribed deadlines. Provides information and/or resolves discrepancies.

Prepares Department payroll for submittal to County Auditor, auditing time cards for accuracy. Maintains and updates Department personnel files, including recording all vacation, holidays, and sick time.
Prepares and maintains all financial records and documents related to reimbursement for housing inmates from the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Maintains notary public status in order to complete firearms permits. Prepares tax warrants in accordance to state and federal standards. Works with the public on setting up payment plans, processes payments, maintains bad address list. Maintains daily recording of Sheriff’s receipts/deposits and cash account, inmate trust receipts/deposits, and posts accordingly. Reconciles monthly. Maintains account records on funds collected from VIN checks, Background checks, tax warrants, civil paper service, gun permits, accident photos, vehicle accident reports. Balances accounts monthly and submits monies to the County Auditor. Maintains and continually updates all records pertaining to Sheriff/Jail budget and provides information regarding appropriations and account balances, as needed. Assists the Sheriff in preparing annual budget. Maintains office supplies and orders equipment for office and deputies as needed. Monitors upkeep on computer equipment and software and solving problems as needed. Processes Sheriff sales from cash account and maintains files of money spent by inmates. Answers telephone and greets Department visitors. Determines nature of call, records message and/or routes caller to appropriate individual or Department. Assures proper maintenance of all Department files and records. Types a variety of letters and notices for the Sheriff, and receives and sorts Department mail. Writes release checks for inmates upon release. Provides information and assistance during State Board of Accounts audit process. Performs related duties as assigned.


High school diploma or GED required.
Ability to meet all Department hiring and retention requirements including, but not limited too, a drug screening.
Knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Scott county Police Department.
Knowledge of payroll regulations, State Board of Accounts requirements, and standard accounting practices and procedures, with ability to accurately prepare Department payroll, process billing and claims, and maintain complete and accurate financial records.
Knowledge of standard English grammar, spelling, punctuation and ability to type with speed and accuracy.
Ability to effectively communicate with Supervisors, co-workers, personnel and officials from other government and social agencies, and members of the public in a courteous and tactful manner, including being sensitive to professional ethics, gender, cultural diversities and disabilities.
Ability to properly operate a variety of standard office equipment, including computer, telephone, fax machine, typewriter, and calculator.
Ability to comply with all employer and department personnel policies and work rules, including, but not limited to, attendance, safety, drug-free workplace, and personal conduct.
Ability to carry out and follow written and/or oral instructions, retain instructions, and present findings in oral and written form.
Ability to work on several tasks at the same time, and work rapidly for long periods, often under time pressure.
Ability to work alone or with others in a team environment with minimum supervision.
Ability to apply knowledge of people and locations.
Ability to compute, and perform arithmetic operations, in a fast and effective manner.
Ability to compile, collate, or classify relevant data.
Ability to accurately complete duties amidst frequent distractions, interruptions, and service to the public.
Ability to provide public access to or maintain confidentiality of department information and records according to state requirements.


Incumbent performs a variety of accounting, and secretarial duties. Incumbent exercises judgment to effectively prepare payroll, claims, and reports, and assure accurate and timely completion of all bookkeeping requirements. With priorities primarily determined by supervisor and seasonal deadlines. Incumbent receives indirect or occasional supervision with assignments guided by definite objectives using a variety of methods or procedures. Errors are generally detected through standard bookkeeping checks. Undetected errors could result in loss of money to other agencies or the public.
Incumbent determines priorities in accordance with County and State deadlines. Work is reviewed in progress and upon completion of specific duties for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with all applicable policies and requirements.


Incumbent maintains communication with supervisor, co-workers, personnel from other government agencies, and members of the public for the purposes, including maintaining Department accounting operation, providing clerical support to the Sheriff, exchanging information and explaining policies and procedures. Incumbent reports directly to County Sheriff.


Incumbent performs duties in an office environment and a jail facility involving sitting/walking at will, sitting for long periods of time, keyboarding, speaking clearly, color perception, hearing sounds/communication and handling/grasping objects, and maintaining frequent contact with law offenders.

The job description for the position of Administrative Assistant for the Police Department describes the duties and responsibilities for employment in this position. I acknowledge that I have received this job description, and understand that it is not a contract of employment. I am responsible for reading this job description, and complying with all job duties, requirements and responsibilities contained herein, and any subsequent revisions.
Is there anything that would keep you from meeting the job duties and requirements as outlined?
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