The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club hosted a BUG celebration for twenty-two students of Mrs Miner’s third grade class at Scottsburg ES who improved their grades the first grading period. These students made the BUG Honor Roll:  Maggie Applegate, Emma Brooks, Laney Brown, Zach Cole, Jaylynn Combs, Landon Cutter, Callie Dunn, Damien Elam, Lola Fouts, Bri Gluck, Chloe Law, Kenzie Herald, Jacob McCarty, Ashley Mihalik, Rachel Morris, Lily Raichel, Savanna Ray, Kristen Spencer, Kira Tillett, Angela Walker, Joseph Wesson and Aubrey White.  To make the BUG (Bringing Up Grades) Honor Roll these students had to improve at least one grade in at lease one subject and not go down in any other subjects.  The Kiwanis provide a party for those students who make the BUG Honor Roll each grading period and present a certificate identifying the subject they improved, prizes and a BUG T-shirt the first time they make the BUG Honor Roll.  This is the third year the Kiwanis and Scottsburg ES have partnered in the BUG Program.  The BUG Program would not be possible without the support of the Youth Grantmaking Council who provided the T-shirts and Jeeves who provided the cookies.


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