The Scottsburg Kiwanis Club hosted a BUG celebration at Scottsburg ES for twenty-two students in Mrs Bagwell’s third grade class for improving their grades the first grading periodThe BUG Honor students this grading period are Noah Bagwell, Dare Bowles, Elizabeth Denison, Emily Hall, Alex Spaulding, Seth Stewart, Chloe Toler, Riley Wright, Ian Ashby, Peyton Craig, Ciara Ebertshauser, Caden Garland, Brianna Griffin, Trevor Griswold, Dakota Hill, Olivia Large-Lang, Meade, Isabelle, Malachi Stoner, Meleaha Becerra, Eian Brown and Serenity Murdock.  BUG (Bringing Up Grades) is a Kiwanis signature program to provide incentives to students to improve their grades and develop better study habits and discipline toward their school work.  To make the BUG Honor Roll a student must improve at least one grade in at least one subject and not go down in any other subject.  Students who make the BUG Honor Roll are rewarded with a party, presented a certificate identifying the subject they improved, receive prizes and snacks and a BUG T-shirt the first time they make the BUG Honor Roll.  The BUG Program would not be possible without the support of the Youth Grantmaking Council for providing the BUG T-shirts and Jeeves for providing the cookies.

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